Norman Frame 2
Norman Livergood

Philosophical, Spiritual, and Artistic Essays and Novels:
Alembic Alleviatives
Joining The New Commonwealth
Being After Death
Helen Keller As Mystic
American Beauty
Soul Mates
The Miracle of Perfection
Henosis: Participating With the Divine
Remorse And Contrition
The Law of Attraction
Perennialist Theosophia
The Form Goodness
The Form Love
Platonic Dialectic As Jocular Mystical Experience
Taking Humor Seriously
The Unobstructed Universe
Deserving Truth
The Human Essence
Creative Inspiration
Inspirational Dialectic
Spiritual Manifesting
Stalking The Metaphysical
William Blake As Mystic
True Reality
The Higher Mysteries
The Form Truth
The Form Understanding
Dialectical Relationships
Consulting Philosophy
Plotinus' Practical Mysticism
Divine Law
The Essence of Hypnotic Trance
The Subliminal Self and High Trance
I Am My Higher Self
Being Conscious in the Higher Self
Understanding Human Nature
The New Noah Ark
Transformative Groups
Enlightening Groups
Esoteric Christianity
Novel: President Of The World
Novel: The New Commonwealth
Perennialist Meditation
The Best Books for Our Time
Divine Life
Perennialist Transformation
Actualizing the New Commonwealth
Commomwealth Form: New Elements
Reading As Dialectical Interchange
How Plato's Dialogues Teach Us
Vanquishing Ignorance
Arrested Development
Perennialist Diagnosis
Activating Spiritual Sense Organs
Communing With Higher Beings
Platonic Dialectic
The Form Commonwealth
The Debilitating Self
Dialectic As Transformative Interchange
The Supersensible Affects the Terrestrial
Discerning the Supersensible Domain
The Perennial Tradition
The Perennialist Work Group
Acting In the Supersensible Plenum
Elemental Mysteries
The Saving Remnant
Perennialist Alchemy
Theurgical Dialectic
Spiritual Healing
The Higher Capability of Appreciation
An Advanced Science of Transformation
True Being
Truth Conquers Perfidy and Ignorance
Mathematics: Higher Understanding
Perennialist Art
The Form Beauty
Higher World of Divine Sovereignty
Transformative Contemplation
The Life of the Mind
How Philosophy Overcomes Tyranny
The Form Justice
Commonwealth Communities
Creation As Power
Spiritual Creation
Genuine Relationships
Preparing For Life After Death
Spiritual Energy
The Form Freedom
Excellence (Arete)
Spiritual Activity
Perennialist Warfare Against Evil
Perennialist Seer-Masters
Plato's Disclosure of Forms
Higher Consciousness
Supersensible Devotional Ecstasy

Political, Economic, and Social Essays:
America Could Become Nazi Germany
Listen, Little Man
Escalating Economic Collapse
Reactionary Syndrome Pandemic
Completing the American Revolution
Democrats Must Get Tough--And Smart
Patriots Must Save American Democracy
The Madness of King Trump
Brain, Mind, and Altered States of Consciousness
Fiat, Ersatz, False Reality
Anathema On Perpetrators Of Evil!
America Must Transform Itself
Limited Hangout Operations?
Casablanca As Allegory
Watch On the Rhine As Allegory
We Need A Progressive Movement, Not Just Identity Demonstrations
Understanding Economics and Politics
Dollar Imperialism
Perennialist Utopian Classics
Progressives Must Destroy Fascism
Don't Become Fascism's Victim
Progressive Artificial Intelligence
What's Really Happening
The Demonic Cabal
SoCIAl Media Hoax
Insane Pathocratic Rulers
We Can No Longer Afford Capitalism
The Cabal War on Gold and Silver
Communism and Socialism Failed