Apprehending and Comprehending True and False Reality
Apprehending and Comprehending True and False Reality
Apprehending and Comprehending True and False Reality

"To understand Reality is to possess the truth. It is an evil to be deceived about Reality and a good to understand Reality."

Plato, Commonwealth III, (413)

  Plato discerned two different types of reality: False Reality and True Reality. To become a philosopher--a lover and seeker of Wisdom, it is necessary to achieve apprehension (awareness) and comprehension (understanding, discernment) of True Reality, while at the same time achieving apprehension and comprehension of false reality. It is necessary to apprehend (see, become aware of) true and false reality before one can comprehend them.

    Most humans believe that there is only one Reality and that it's easy, indeed automatic, for a person to apprehend Reality. Plato made it clear, in his Allegory of the Cave, and in all his writings, that there are two kinds of reality, true and false, and that while there is only one True Reality there are many different types of False or Ersatz Reality. Genuine apprehension and comprehension of True Reality is a high achievement which involves the activation of the "senses" of the spiritual body, it is in essence the operation of creative inspiration or illumination. What is called "receiving inspiration" is actually the ability of a seeker to register frequencies of thought, sound, and energy from Perennialist teachers--carnate and discarnate--which are indiscernible to untrained persons. In the sorcery tradition, this is called: "seeing."
  • "Responding to the perceptual solicitations of a world outside the description we have learned to call reality."

  • ". . . A special capacity that one could develop, and which would allow one to apprehend the 'ultimate' nature [essence or True Reality] of things." 1
      A seeker participating in the Perennial Tradition works to create a dynamic channel of creative inspiration, authentic apprehension and comprehension of True Reality. It must be a living, moving stream which originates in the higher dimension and flows continuously to become transmuted into an effective life force.

  Plato explained True Reality and False Reality through his Allegory of the Cave and through his divided line schema (see below). The visible realm is the realm of False Reality (falsehood, evil, mere opinion, false imagination, lies, fantasy, delusion) and the Invisible Intelligible Realm of Knowledge is the realm of True Reality (Goodness, Love, Beauty, Truth, Justice, Understanding). False Reality is life within the cave--either in chains or out--and True Reality is life outside the cave and the life of the philosopher when he returns to the cave to help the prisoners.

  False Reality is an unusual kind of delusory reality. It is not mere imagination or hallucination; it is "real" in the sense that a person lives in and through false reality. False Reality is false in the sense that it is not True Reality, which is compliant with Goodness. Most persons, events, capabilities, objects in the ordinary world--the world of False Reality--have become so debased, deluded and corrupted that they've lost their essence, their very being.

"Understand then," said [Socrates], "that by the intelligible realm I mean that which Reason itself apprehends by the power of Dialectic, treating its deliberations not as axioms but literally as hypotheses, underpinnings, footings (like steps of a stair), and springboards so to speak, to enable it to rise to that which requires no assumptions and is the starting-point of all knowledge. And after attaining to understanding, Dialectic apprehends the elemental inferences of its insights, and so, making no use whatever of any object of sense, proceeds by means of Forms and through Forms to its conclusions which are Forms."

"I understand," [Glaucon] said; "not fully, for it is no slight task that you appear to have in mind, but I do comprehend that you mean to distinguish the realm of ordinary reality and the intelligible realm, which is apprehended and investigated by the science of dialectic. You see the intelligible realm as containing truer and more precise apprehensions than conjectures about the objects of the so-called arts and sciences whose assumptions are arbitrary starting-points. And though it is true that those who study the objects of these sciences are forced to use both thought and sensation, because they do not go back to a genuine first principle, but proceed from hypotheses, you think that they do not truly understand these objects, even though, given their assumptions, they seem to them to be intelligible. And you seem to me to call the activity of mathematicians thought but not understanding, thought being intermediate between opinion and understanding."

"Your exposition is most adequate. Thus there are four powers of the soul, corresponding to the four subsections of our line: Understanding is the highest, thought second, belief third, and conjecture last. Arrange them in a ratio, and consider that each shares in discernment to the degree that the subsection it is set over apprehends truth."
Commonwealth VI: 511b-e

Dialectic Requires Achievement of Apprehension and Comprehension of True Reality

   Plato was able to engage in productive dialectical interchange with Glaucon, because Glaucon had achieved apprehension and comprehension of True Reality--the Intelligible Realm.

Quality of Persons In Relation to Achievement of Capabilities
Insanity, Imagination
Rhetorical Belief Mathematical Thought Dialectical Understanding
Sub-Human Non-reasoning Sub-Human Reasoning Human Philosopher
False Reality True Reality

     One of the most important insights we receive from Plato's discussion of the immense difference between conjecture, belief, thought, and understanding is that Dialectic is, in part, a science used by select persons to achieve surpassing comprehension of the Forms through the attainment of a Higher State of Being and Consciousness. Dialectic is not, therefore, merely ordinary conversation, discussion, argumentation, cross-examination, or debate. Dialectic puts its genuine participants in touch with an invisible, supersensible domain beyond ordinary reality. But, even though Plato makes it clear that Dialectic is a preternatural 2 phenomenon inexplicable by ordinary means, unenlightened persons continue to insist on trying to explain it in everyday terms.

"And so with dialectic; when a person starts on the discovery of the absolute by the light of reason only, and without any assistance of sense, and perseveres until by pure intelligence he arrives at the perception of the Absolute Good, he at last finds himself at the end of the intellectual world, as in the case of sight at the end of the visible."

Plato, The Commonwealth VII

    Dialectical interchange can only be productive of new wisdom and insight when all the participants have achieved Reasoning and Understanding. Otherwise, dialectical interchange constitutes nothing but argument or idle talk, if all the participants are sub-humans or non-reasoning humans. If a person having achieved thought and understanding engages in dialectical interchange with sub-humans or ordinary humans, the latter will receive teaching and insight, and the interchange will also be productive of new wisdom or insight for the more highly advanced person.

"These grades of knowledge and these degrees of objective reality were described by Plato in his celebrated 'myth of the cave'. In this myth he wished to summarize all his doctrine, from a metaphysical, epistemological and ethical point of view as well as from that of mystical ascent. This is how Plato paints this marvellous picture of his, a picture which, on its own, can stimulate us to become aware of absolute Reality. In fact the 'myth' is not based on philosophical reflection but on the creative visualization of a condition or state of consciousness. . .

"By means of the 'myth', therefore, we can catch a glimpse of an 'existential state' for purposes of being. Thus this 'myth' should be meditated upon, contemplated, assimilated and experienced."

Raphael, Initiation Into the Philosophy of Plato, 1999

False Reality

  In this section we'll examine the essence of False Reality: of what it is composed and how it operates, with the intent of learning to apprehend false reality, comprehend it, and overcome it. Most persons in the modern world do not even see the different types of false reality in their "cave-existence" they lead. Without seeing (apprehending) false reality, there is no hope of compehending it.

The Creation of False Reality

  One of the few advantages of living under the tyranny of the Trump presidency was that it has made it possible to see, for the few with eyes to see, the essence of False Reality and learn to comprehend it and conquer it.

  Trumpian False Reality is the same type as found in all instances of totalitarian fascism:
  • German Nazism, Italian Fascism, and Japanese Imperialism of World War II

"The Nazi propaganda machine exploited ordinary Germans by encouraging them to be co-producers of a false reality.

"Hitler's chief architect, Albert Speer, told the Nuremberg Tribunal 'that what distinguished the Third Reich from all previous dictatorships was its use of all the means of communication to sustain itself and to deprive its objects of the power of independent thought. . .'

"The principal objective . . . was 'to absorb the individual into a mass of like-minded people, and the purpose of the 'suggestion' was not to deceive but to articulate that which the crowd already believed. . .'

"Nazism felt rather than thought, and therefore the nature of its propaganda appeal was also to feeling rather than thinking."

Nicholas O' Shaughnessy, "How Hitler Conquered Germany" 3

  • Soviet Communism of the Cold War Era

  • American Fascism in such eras as President Hoover's white nationalism and ignoring of the influenza pandemic in the 1920s and 30s (Sarah Churchwell, "The return of American fascism," 2 September 2020, New Statesman)

  • Since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, Americans have lived in a False Reality created and sustained by ongoing presidential administrations (true definition: criminal syndicates). In 2000, America suffered a coup-d'etat when George W. Bush stole the presidential election through the criminal machinations of the Supreme Court and Jeb Bush.

    "That's not the way the world really works anymore. We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality--judiciously, as you will--we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors. . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

    Bush II Senior Advisor [Karl Rove]

    • North Korea, China and Vladimir Putin's modern Russia: Internet Research Agency (IRA) in St Petersburg and Gleb Pavlovsky (Amanda Lohrey, "Agents of chaos: Peter Pomerantsev's 'This Is Not Propaganda,'" January 2020, The Monthly)

        In Russia, Putin had used the oligarchs and the "political technologists" to manipulate the people's sense of reality to gain unrestrained power. With Putin and his oligarchical cabal reality is just something you can shape into whatever you want it to be.

        Vladislav Surkov, one of Putin's chief mind-manipulators, has boasted that "Russia is playing with the West's minds, they don't know how to deal with their own changed consciousness."

    • In 2016, the U.S. presidential election was stolen through the cyberwarfare mind-manipulation of American voters, courtesy of Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, and their company, Cambridge Analytica, with Putin's Russian hackers shooting the mind-bending Facebook and Twitter dark ads into the idiot-brains of the Republican base.

    Click on the image above. Return from Youtube when the video ends.

    "The version of reality politics presented was no longer believable. The stories politicians told their people about the world had stopped making sense. And in the face of that, you could play with reality, constantly shifting and changing. And in the process, further undermine and weaken the old forms of power."

      In the 2000 presidential election the distinction between true and false reality became clear: true reality is objective, factual reality and false reality is fiat reality. The objective reality of the 2000 presidential election was that the election was being determined by state election bodies and according to state law all votes were to be counted--until the reactionary Supreme Court intervened and decreed by fiat what reality was: the vote count in Florida was to stop and George W. Bush was the President of the United States.

    "When people like a politician's lies better than they like the truth, it's tough to change their minds, and even after lies are proven false, they can remain a powerful force in public life. . . Lies can still have power even when we know they're lies. . .

    "The president's ability to twist the truth, consciously or not, is extreme. So is his apparently unshakable conviction that no matter what the subject is, no one knows more than he does, which means he has no need to listen to anyone who tries to correct his misstatements. In a person with his power and responsibilities, those qualities are truly frightening. . .

    "Widespread and deep-rooted failure of critical thinking in American society today has helped make Trump and his enablers, like other liars before them, successful in the war against truth."

    Arnold Isaacs, "America's Aversion to Facts Didn't Begin With Donald Trump," The Nation, 9/20/2018

    "Fox faithfully trumpets the 'alternative facts' of the Trump version of events, and in turn Trump frequently finds inspiration for his tweets and fantasy-filled statements from his daily monitoring of Fox commentators and his late-night phone calls with Hannity. The result is the creation of a 'Trump bubble' for his base to inhabit that is unrecognizable to viewers of PBS, CNN, and MSNBC and readers of The Washington Post and The New York Times. The highly critical free media not only provide no effective check on Trump's ability to be a serial liar without political penalty; on the contrary, they provide yet another enemy around which to mobilize the grievances and resentments of his base. A free press does not have to be repressed when it can be rendered irrelevant and even exploited for political gain."

    Christopher R. Browning, "The Suffocation of Democracy,"
    New York Review of Books, October 5, 2018

      In 2020, even during the presidential election, the Trumpian nightmare continued. America must gain an understanding of just what type of False Fiat Reality Trump has imposed and continues to impose on the United States, what political and mental toxins are present in his evil detritus, and how we can, over time, rid ourselves of this evil spoor of False Reality. The objective True Reality is that state election bodies reported certified election results, the U.S. Senate recorded the results, so that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

      With Trump, a certifiably insane, mafia-style thug who lies constantly, having come to power through criminal means, America has now become the Realm of False Reality. The Donald had earlier come to understand the total takeover of power in New York City--and other cities--by the capitalist bankers. He had helped to make New York City a city only for the wealthy, while he was granted huge tax breaks by the banker-rulers. Much of his money for his crimnal enterprises had been supplied by the Russian and Israeli Mafia-groups.

      Trump most clearly depicted his brand of ersatz reality in a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in July of 2018:

    "Folks, stick with us. Don't believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news, Folks, just remember, what you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening."

      Trump's false reality, which continues to dominate the Republican party "base" and its financial and political leaders, is a type of what is called a consensus reality. A consensus reality is created and maintained by the feelings and thoughts of a group of individuals. consensus realities are not just mental chimeras, but ontological substances. Like all realities, consensus realities are created and molded by group consciousness. consensus realities create a "reality bubble" within which its members reside, separate from True Reality or the consensus realities of other groups. Members of a specific consensus reality are incapable of seeing or believing in other realities, are incapable of accepting the assertions of members of other realities, are capable of seeing as real, believing in as real, and acting on as if real, whatever the leaders of their consensus reality proclaim.

      As of the inauguration of Biden in 2021, America is suffering under two versions of False Reality: the Trump version and the Biden version. The Biden version is somewhat more based on True, Objective Reality--recognizing the human danger of the Covid-19 pandemic, for instance, whereas Trump continues to proclaim his lie that there is no pandemic and that Covid-19 presents no real danger to human life. But Biden's pretense of being a progressive president is as much an ersatz reality as Trump's pretence of having won the 2020 election.

      At the present time a huge number of persons throughout the world are sub-human, cave prisoners totally unaware that they are "in chains" (enslaved) to the ersatz realities of the capitalist cabal.

      Unless an increasing number of persons can regain a functional understanding of the essence of this False Reality and of True Reality we, along with our planet, will suffer utter destruction.

       Only if we can regain effective apprehension and comprehension of False and True Reality will we be able to recognize the evils of current political-economic-social barbarity, fight against its atrocities and crimes, and begin working toward a just and beneficent social order.

    Levels of Consciouisness, Characteristics, and Capabilities
    Level #
    Population %
    Level of Consciousness  Characteristics   Capabilities  Exemplars
    Level 3
    .2 %
    Spiritual Union with the One Dialectic Plato, Socrates, Jesus
    Level 2
    .4 %
    Philosophical Union with Higher Intellect Inspiration
    Pythagoras, Betty White
    Level 1
    .4 %
    Critical thinking
    Critical consciousness
    Informing oneself
    Improving oneself
    Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King
    Level 0
    Minimal self-awareness
    Reactionary consciousness
    Limited interest in informing or improving oneself Most world citizens
    Level -1
    Partial possession by outside personalities
    and ideologies
    Mindless pursuit of pleasure
    Celebration of ignorance
    Unable to
    think for oneself
    Illiteracy (unable to read or understand)
    Kings, Queens,
    Capitalists and their lackeys
    Level -2
    Total possession by outside personalities
    and ideologies
    Hysterical blindness
    Hysterical deafness
    Suicidal behavior
    Unable to see or hear what's happening
    Supporting people who are destroying you
    The Demonic Cabal

       American and world citizens must awaken from their mindless stupor of assuming that:
    • The current political-economic-social world is acceptable, decent, tolerable, and appropriate

    • The capitalist sub-humans who have seized control of political-economic-social reins of power are "normal" people and their atrocities and crimes are simply "the way things are"

    • Average persons can simply drift through life without bothering to understand themselves or their world or struggle against the atrocities and crimes that the capitalist cabal perpetrates

      True progressives found it necessary to accept Biden as the Democratic Party nominee and then vote for him, because he was better than Trump (anything was). But we must not delude ourselves into thinking that Biden is not a corporate democrat and has a fascistic record only better than Trump's by degrees. Biden approved and assisted in Dubya's invasion and monetary rape of Iraq. Biden pushed a Patriot Act (not with that name) before Dubya actually passed such a totalitarian nightmare. Biden served in the Obama administration whose Attorney General (Holder) touted the motto: Too Big To Jail.

      Many of the attacks on working people that happened during the Trump administration will continue during Biden's administration. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are right-wing authoritarian imperialists and have been chosen as Democratic Party nominees by corporate interests. It would be delusional to claim that your vote for Biden was a "vote against fascism." You can claim it was a vote against what you perceived as a more dangerous brand of fascism, but you cannot claim with any validity that your vote for a lifelong corporate democrat was a vote against fascism.

      Unless you are aware of the situation with Biden and Harris and the other leaders of the Democratic Party you may allow yourself to harbor the delusion that the corporate Democratic party is no longer advancing fascistic policies that need to be fought tooth and nail. If you tell yourself that a vote for Biden was a vote against fascism, you are lying to yourself and falling into a state of ignorant complacency.

    "Democrats went into last Tuesday's election with a clear strategy: flip enough suburban Republican voters to beat Donald Trump. This paid off: Joe Biden won the election by flipping enough voters in the suburbs of Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Phoenix. The election, however, exposed the gaping flaws in this strategy for any party that hopes to win and wield power. Democrats may have accomplished their near-term goal, but in the long term the party is in an extraordinarily weak place, built on a rickety coalition united only by a hatred of a president who will soon no longer be a threat. The Democrats took the shortest route to beating Trump, but in the process may have irreparably damaged their ability to build a governing majority and implement progressive policy. . .

    "Most concerningly, Democrats hemorrhaged votes among non-white working-class voters. . . Early returns also show consistent gains for Republicans among black voters across the board. . .

    "Far from fleeing in horror, Latino voters went for the socialist Sanders by enormous margins. In the nearly all-Latino Rio Grande valley, where Trump saw his largest gains anywhere, Sanders took nearly every county. Outside of Florida, Sanders won nearly every majority-Latino jurisdiction where Trump saw gains this year. These voters aren't opposed to 'socialism--they are skeptical of the political establishment, not receptive to Democratic messaging about 'decency' and political norms, and, most importantly, can't be taken for granted. Following the lead of the Sanders campaign, Democrats need a real commitment to Latino outreach. . .

    "This current iteration of the Democratic coalition should be terrifying to anyone with leftwing policy goals or anyone who wants to see Democrats win elections. . .

    "The only path forward for the left is one of confrontation with the Democratic establishment and a message of economic populism aimed at working-class voters of all races. This election proved that workers vote; it's the left's task to capture them. . ."

    Ben Davis, "Joe Biden's coalition is whiter, wealthier--and will not stick around," The Guardian, 11/11/2020

      You must also be aware that Trump is insane enough to try to remain the supreme power in the Republican Party. The spoor of Trumpism will continue to contaminate America for the foreseeable future. The reactionary Republican Party will continue to foment the ersatz false reality that the Democratic Party stole the 2020 election. Trump has perverted the Republican Party into a cult that will continue to try to destroy all vestiges of democracy.

    Achieving Apprehension and Comprehension of True Reality
    Exposure to True Reality Apprehension Comprehension
    Persons seeing that they are "in chains," enslaved to the False Reality that the Capitalist Cabal has created: a Ruling Class enslaving and destroying a Slave Class and that this is the way "reality" should be Persons understanding that the false reality created by the capitalist cabal must and can be replaced by cooperative commonwealth communities and working to create such communities
    Persons seeing that they are passively accepting--and therefore cooperating with--their enslavement to the capitalist cabal's false reality of a Ruling Class enslaving and destroying a Working Class Persons working to achieve understanding, discerning that such understanding necessarily involves replacing the false reality created by the capitalist cabal with cooperative commonwealth communities

      Persons who work assiduously to attain the ability to apprehend and comprehend True Reality must realize that it is then their responsibility to utilize this Wisdom, working to achieve comprehension and capabilities essential in creating elements of that True Reality which require realization and actualization. They cannot passively accept the knowledge of True Reality without Working to bring it to full manifestation.

    Cooperative Commonwealth Community

    1. Screening and training of community applicants for membership, not indiscriminate acceptance of all applicants

    2. Democratic control: policies and actions decided by democratic, dialectical consensus of all community members

    3. Community ownership of the means of production by members

    4. Production solely for use, not profit: community-regulated production of goods and services relative to need without the intervention of a buying and selling market mechanism

    5. Replacement of capitalism by a commonwealth polity one community at a time, not nationally as a whole

    Apprehending True Reality in the Intelligible Realm

      We have thus far discussed apprehending True Reality in the realms of Conjecture and Belief (see image above), seeing how these realms have been innundated by elements of False Reality to the point of the world, and the United States in particular, being attacked by purveyors of falsehood, evil, and human destruction. We now examine how we can gain apprehension of True Reality within the Intelligible Realm of Thought and Understanding.

    Paul Brunton, The Wisdom of the Overself, 1943

    "If we could engage ourself in the adventure of awakening out of waking life itself, we would if successful pass from Appearance to Reality and thus enter an entirely new, immeasurably higher and gloriously superior dimension: [True Reality]. It is the business of philosophy to tell us about the possibilities of such an adventure and to guide our stumbling feet toward its subline goal. . . This indeed is the mysterious fourth state beyond waking, dreaming, and sleeping which the Hidden Teaching holds up before the gaze of aspiring men as a goal worth working for. [B]ecause it transcends the unconsiousness of sleep it may be called the transcendental state . . . a union of deep sleep and full consciousness."

    "Consciousness indeed is a property belonging to mind. . . The body is only an experience of consciousness and ... such an experience can be external during wakefulness or internal during dream but is actually as much a powerfully-held thought in both cases as is the outside space which is set up to contain both the body and the world. The body does not stand for an actuality apart from the consciousness of it. . . The whole mental life is a continuous flux and unrolling film of momentary thoughts. Those which are held most strongly within the focus of attention at any particular moment constitute the self at the time. . .

    "The only self man believes in today is the body. Consequently the original 'I'-thought becomes converted into 'I am the body.' After this there arises the world-thought. . . Because it began by deceiving itself about its own relation to the body, because it took the body for what it is not, it ends by deceiving itself about the things outside and around the body and takes them for what they are not too. Hence the arisal of a triple error: the world, the body, and the 'I' are all regarded as non-mental.

    "The 'I' every man knows is indeed his self but is not his ultimate self. . . It is the discovery during wakefulness that the wakeful personality is also an idea that constitutes the first crucial stage of his liberation from ignorance. . .

    "Gautama was called 'Buddha,' which means 'awakened one,' because he had awakened from the attachment to his own person which was . . . erroneous. . .

    "The waking self sets itself up as the criterion of existence and therefore speaks and thinks as though it has itself dreamt and slept. But that which brought both dream and sleep about is entirely beyond its control and consciousness. If the personal self as ordinarily known in waking did not originate dream and sleep then another 'mind' must have done so and this second 'mind' must be related to it somehow. This is the deeper mind we seek, which, itself neither dreaming nor waking nor sleeping, watches the production of these phenomena in its offspring the person. . .



    1 Carlos Castaneda (1925-1998), Tales of Power. Castaneda appears to have come in contact with a genuine portion of the sorcery tradition.   Castaneda was one of a group I call conduit teachers who were able to transmit useful information about spiritual matters but seem not to have been positively affected by the knowledge they conveyed. The author continues to find useful ideas in the writings of conduit teachers despite the unfortunate flaws in their personalities and behavior as documented by persons acquainted with their work.

    2 Preternatural: exceeding what is natural or ordinary, inexplicable by ordinary means

    3, 3/14/2017

    4 He said:
    I was a hidden treasure;
    creation was created
    so that you might know me.

    Hakim Sanai, The Garden of Reality

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