"Ye all did perforce descend into the sense-world to gather powers needed for a higher world."

Rudolph Steiner, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, 1904

  The "world situation" is requiring (increasingly) that we achieve or activate specific capabilities or powers to counter Very Destructive Forces and to create Positive Elements.

  Persons who do not achieve or activate essential spiritual capabilities are like entities (persons, machines, institutions) with sensory or mental defects:
  • A person with functional ears , eyes and tactile senses who is unable to hear or see or discern tactile feelings
  • A person with a functional brain who has not developed her mind
  • A person with a functional mouth and palate who has not developed the ability to speak
  • A person with functional legs who has not developed the ability to walk or run
  • A person with a functional mind who has not developed the capability of comprehension/understanding

Specific Essays or Other Material Capabilities
Outlined in Essays and Other Material
The Miracle of Perfection Comprehension and Realization of the unceasing occurence of perfection within continually-unfolding life-events, such perfection being brought about through both supersensible and terrestrial agency.
Henosis Henosis: a uniting with the Divine, so as to attain a state of creative partnership with the Divine, sharing in the supersensible activity of maintaining and developing the Supersensible Plenum: Reality and the Cosmic Order
Theosophia Wisdom concerning Deity
Creative Inspiration Reaching out through physical and extra-physical frequency waves to communicate meanings and energy to and elicit similar elements from another entity (person, object, event).
Inspirational Dialectic Interchange of knowledge through inspirational communion with Higher Beings.
Spiritual Manifesting Manifesting supersensible and terrestrial effects and attaining capabilities and understandings for the purpose of bringing about higher spiritual ends.
Dialectical Interpersonal Relationships Genuine dialectical interchange between advanced persons moves beyond the ordinary limitations of commonplace relations and enters the realm of the transcendent. The interchange becomes a shared mystical experience in which each realizes his or her essence and the truth of the element which they are mutually investigating.
Identifying with the Higher Self Locating our consciousness in the Higher Self involves the awareness that identification with the physical body arises through the delusion of the understanding, the comprehension that this delusion of being the body is not real and that when the delusion passes the identification exists no longer, having no substantial reality.
Activating Spiritual Sense Organs and Potencies Activating one's spiritual sense organs and potencies and de-emphasizing one's physical sensations and mental thoughts, concentrating one's awareness on one's supersensible being as one learns how to commune with Higher Beings in the supersensible realm.
Michelle's Poetry and other Material Activating one's aesthetic sensibilities and one's capability to comprehend artistic, musical, poetic and literary esoteria, elegance, sophistication, and subtlety

Spiritual Capabilities

  This exposition concerning the achievement of spiritual capabilities follows on these previous teachings.

  The development of capabilities is a highly complex and subtle Work. The first element involves the seeker of capabilities gaining the ability to distinguish between ordinary physical apprehension and comprehension and Higher, Supersensible apprehension and comprehension. If the seeker carries over into the spiritual realm the processes of ordinary physical apprehension and comprehension, he fails completely.

  Gaining the capability of apprehending (experiencing, encountering) spiritual beings is, of course, not a matter of apprehending with one's physical senses or ordinary mental capabilities. A seeker must, at least, recognize that there will be no knock-down, physical sensory element involved whatsoever, no "piece of concrete in the middle of the road" kind of easily discernible unquestionable reality to this kind of supersensible experience. The seeker must understand that he is developing or activating New, non-physical "organs of perception" that will "feel" differently than he feels when he is using his usual physical or mental organs of perception. The experience of spiritual apprehension of supersensible (non-physical) beings, events, or objects is going to "feel" differently, so he must work assiduously to gain a "new sense" of apprehension and a "new sense" of comprehension.

  This kind of "sense" is more than just a "feeling" or "intimation," it is a definite higher-sensory "awareness." To help you get a sense for this different kind of "higher-sensation," pay particular attention to the "feeling" you experience when you read the statement about a lunch lady in a small public elementary school in East Orange NJ in the early 80s -- and the "feeling" you get from reading this statement:
"Tragedy is when I cut my finger; Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die."