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What's Really Happening
What's Really Happening

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"Trump is not separate from Putin. Trump is Putin's employee. His debtor. His servant. His baby mama. Or, in CIA terms, Putin's asset. Since the 1980s. . .

"Trump inherited a huge fortune from his mob-connected father (Trump's mob-connected grandfather ran a brothel in the California gold country).

"Donald was apparently born void of business ability. According to Unger 1, Trump's massive over-expansion into Atlantic City in the 1990s left him $4 billion in debt, replete with six bankruptcies.

"As no legitimate sources would fund him, Trump turned to the Russian mob, 2 then looting the natural resources of a massive landmass. That epic cash flow enhanced its regular lines of extortion, prostitution, gambling, etc.

"Hundreds of billions of dollars in flight capital sought access to the Western banking system. But to get it, the Russian mobsters and oligarchs needed to launder their money. They turned to Trump and his real estate-based cash washing machine. They also began cultivating him as a political asset. . .

"To keep Donald in line, Vlady may or may not have incriminating sex tapes to hold over Donald's private parts. But they would pale before a real accounting of the Trumputin money trail.

"Trump's entire economic being depends on Putin's rubles. He could bankrupt Trump with just one nyet."

Trumputin's Mob Masters Own the White House--But For How Long?

  This essay presents the author's view of what has happened throughout human history and what is now actually happening in the world, as distinct from what is being made to appear to be happening. The one solution to the world's present demonic plight is also outlined: the creation of cooperative commonwealth communities.

The Historical Enslavement of the Working Class by Capitalist Plunderers

"The rich man . . . conceived at length the profoundest plan that ever entered the mind of man: this was to employ in his favour the forces of those who attacked him, to make allies of his adversaries, to inspire them with different maxims, and to give them other institutions as favourable to himself as the law of nature was unfavourable.

"With this view, after having represented to his neighbours the horror of a situation which armed every man against the rest, and made their possessions as burdensome to them as their wants, and in which no safety could be expected either in riches or in poverty, he readily devised plausible arguments to make them close with his design. 'Let us join,' said he, 'to guard the weak from oppression, to restrain the ambitious, and secure to every man the possession of what belongs to him: let us institute rules of justice and peace, to which all without exception may be obliged to conform; rules that may in some measure make amends for the caprices of fortune, by subjecting equally the powerful and the weak to the observance of reciprocal obligations. Let us, in a word, instead of turning our forces against ourselves, collect them in a supreme power which may govern us by wise laws, protect and defend all the members of the association, repulse their common enemies, and maintain eternal harmony among us.

"Such was, or may well have been, the origin of society and law, which bound new fetters on the poor, and gave new powers to the rich; which irretrievably destroyed natural liberty, eternally fixed the law of property and inequality, converted clever usurpation into unalterable right, and, for the advantage of a few ambitious individuals, subjected all mankind to perpetual labour, slavery and wretchedness."
Jean Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on Inequality, 1754

  The capitalist cabal seized control over the American economy in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve System, a series of privately owned banks which print the U.S. currency and control all major monetary decisions in America, such as giving taxpayer money to capitalist criminals who perpetrated the 2004 prime-mortgage scam that led to millions of American losing their homes and their savngs.

"We live in a nation hated abroad and frightened at home. A place in which we can reasonably refer to the American Republic in the past tense. A country that has moved into a post-constitutional era, no longer a nation of laws but an autocracy run by law breakers, law evaders and law ignorers. A nation . . . in which corruption is no longer a form of deviance but the norm. We all live in a Mafia neighborhood now."

Sam Smith, 2007, prorevnews.blogspot.com

  Since the cabal's assassination of President John F. Kennedy, all American presidents have been outright fascist dictators.

  • The 2016 so-called election was completely FIXED by the Trump election campaign, using the technology of the British firm, Cambridge Analytica (a firm led by Steve Bannon and billionaire Robert Mercer).

  • Unthinking American voters--the "Trump Base"--were literally programmed to vote for Trump.

  • The programming of American voters by Cambridge Analytica was based on these elements:
    • Irrational human minds are combinations of infantile beliefs and emotional patterns
    • Irrational human minds can be simulated by a computerized system
    • Through such systems, irrational people can be programmed and controlled
    • By capturing irrational persons' belief and behavior structures (as revealed by Facebook data) they can be controlled through false information and ads

  • Unfortunately, most Americans believe that the 2016 election was not fixed, and was a legitimate exercise in democracy.

  • The suppression of ethnic voters was also a major factor in the fixing of the election by the Trump campaign. 3

  "For Democrats, leaving Donald Trump in office is not only good politics--it is the best chance for fundamental realignment of American politics in more than a generation. Mr. Trump is three years into destroying what we know as the Republican Party. Another two years just might finish it off. Trumpism has become Republicanism, and that spells electoral doom for the party. . .

  Republicans today are the party of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson--a coalition that, in the face of every demographic trend in America, will mean the long-term realignment of the federal government behind the Democrats."

Joe Lockhart, "There's a Bigger Prize Than Impeachment:
Keeping Trump in office will destroy the Republican Party," New York Times, 4/22/2019

   Beginning in the 1980s, I discerned that persons worldwide were being profiled and controlled by artificial intelligence personality programming systems. I thus deliberately completed a second Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence in 1989 4 because I wanted to help warn of the dangers of such advanced technology.

  While serving as Head of the Artificial Intelligence Department at the U.S. Army War College for several years (1993-1995), and while teaching graduate courses in artificial intelligence at several California universities, I explored and developed personality simulation systems, an advanced technology used in military war games, but primarily of use in deconstructing the illegitimate use of personality simulation in regard to any person or group.

  This essay makes evident what is actually happening in the world, disproving what the capitalist cabal--both the Trump Republican faction and the CIA, corporate Democratic faction--are trying to get American and world citizens to believe is happening.

  The world at present is ruled by demonic persons who have no concern whatsoever for working families. In fact, they work assiduously to destroy workers through imperialist wars, bank bailouts, housing frauds such as the sub-prime mortgage scam, destroying all the protective federal agencies. Such outright fascist mob criminals have no place in the office of the U.S. Presidency.

"The nationalism that fuels Trump's movement is based on the idea that the country can be divided into two groups. One is the pure and virtuous true Americans, the overwhelmingly white crowd who come to his rallies. The other group consists of minorities, elites and Democrats who stand poised to sell out the 'real' Americans if they are given a chance.

"It is no surprise that this febrile atmosphere, in which any lie can be justified if it paints the president's opponents as traitors, would lead to violence. But what is particularly disturbing is that the propaganda that inspires this violence has been outsourced to private organizations, meaning no simple change of government by election can end it. Nowadays, even the president himself gets his daily talking points by parroting Fox News, which he believes over his own government officials. The rot is pernicious and deep, and it will inevitably lead to more violence.

"In other times and places, groups of private individuals willing to deploy violence on behalf of a particular vision of the state have been instrumental in the rise of fascism. America, because it still has strong institutions despite the damage of the Trump era, is not there yet. But parts of the foundation are sinking into place, and it is unlikely they can be uprooted without a concerted effort."

Andrew Gawthorpe, "What the targeting of Trump critics reveals about America's rotting core," 10/26/2018

  Other leaders throughout the world are equally despotic and evil in their intentions and actions. Meanwhile, those persons in the world who persist in holding liberal democracy and the rule of law as high ideals, must work for change in whatever way is possible for each person. In this world war against tyranny, we must be aware of the few persons who are genuine leaders in the struggle for human decency and world order. But, it is equally important for us to recognize and comprehend any, even-partial positive activities or initiatives, from whatever source.

  For example, we know that persons such as Assange, Snowden, and Manning are somewhat allied to reactionary elements, but each of them has been of benefit in revealing the total American surveillance state created by NSA and the U.S. intelligence and military agencies.

Bernie Sanders: Michel Chossudofsky

James Corbett

Chris Hedges

Jesse Ventura

Snowden, Assange, and Manning


  Our first step must be to understanding what is actually happening, beyond the lies that both the Republican and the Democrat parties feed the US populace. The 2000 election was stolen by Bush II (with the collusion of the Supreme Court). The 2012 election was fixed by Obama's cyberwarfare tactics. The 2016 election was stolen for Trump by the Cambridge Analytica psychological warfare team in collaboration with Russian cyberwarfare experts. The Democratic Party capitalist controllers conspired to defeat Bernie Sanders' campaign to win the party nomination by forcing Pete Buttigieg, Amy Clobachar, and other contenders to support the brain-dead Joe Biden. The next step is to recognize precisely how the Trump administration is systematically destroying the American political-economic-social systems and the working class.

  In the meantime, we can begin our long-range campaign against cabal capitalist predators by boycotting their companies, working to break up their big banks, lampooning their idiocies, and begin creating a cooperative commonwealth community to replace the fascist state that the capitalist cabal has created.

Cooperative Commonwealth Community

  1. Screening and training of community applicants for membership, not indiscriminate acceptance of all applicants

  2. Democratic control: policies and actions decided by democratic consensus of all community members

  3. Community ownership of the means of production by members

  4. Production solely for use, not profit: community-regulated production of goods and services relative to need without the intervention
    of a buying and selling market mechanism

  5. Replacement of capitalism by a commonwealth polity one community at a time, not nationally as a whole

  The only way to counter humankind's rapid loss of the ability to understand reality and the resultant fascist slavery that we're suffering under, is through developing a small cooperative commonwealth community in which human evolutionary development can be achieved in all areas of life. Persons in this community can then make available the framework for a New Culture--the one viable answer to the present political-economic-social chaos that faces us.

"Americans can no longer pretend any of this is normal. Citizens are facing the fight of their lifetimes to restore representative government to America while there is still time to do so. That fight begins with breaking up the big Wall Street banks and restoring the Glass-Steagall Act. It next requires a meaningful overhaul of political campaign financing; election of the President by popular vote; term limits on Federal judges; elimination of the power of the President to fire U.S. Attorneys; restoration of state usury laws; and the elimination of Wall Street's private justice system where it has impunity to loot customers and then charge them thousands of dollars in fees to hear their case before a rigged panel of arbitrators."

Pam Martens and Russ Martens, July 12, 2018, "...It's Time To Break Up the Big Wall Street Banks"



1 Craig Unger, House of Trump, House of Putin, 2018.

2 Trump turned to the Russian mob, but he was basically saved from bankruptcy by Rothschild interests.

"Prudential Insurance Co., a sizable holder of Taj bonds, initially wanted Trump's name and equity removed from the Taj. The Pru and other Trump-haters relented after a plea from their financial adviser, Wilbur L. Ross Jr., a senior managing director of Rothschild Inc. 'The Trump name added value to the casino,' says Ross." The Donald's Trump Card, Bloomberg News, 3/22/1992
Wilbur L. Ross Jr. is Trump's Commerce Secretary

3 Greg Palast's proof of Trump campaign suppression of ethnic voters

4 I completed my first Ph.D. in Philosophy at Yale University in 1962.