I Am My
Higher Self
I Am My
Higher Self
I Am My
Higher Self

  This essay provides information and methodology which make it possible for the discerning, serious, truth-seeking, moral learner to engage "in the adventure of awakening out of wakeful life itself, [to]. . . pass from Appearance to Reality and thus enter an entirely new, immeasurably higher and gloriously superior dimension," as Paul Brunton describes this process in his book, The Wisdom of the Overself. This essay will reveal how to enter into conscious awareness within the Higher Self, the Overself, not merely during moments of meditation but during the whole of our everyday existence.

  It is a natural law among all Perrennialist Teachers to withhold from no person the knowledge that is due that person, relative to his or her essence; but there is an equally primordial law which lays down that no word of esoteric knowledge shall be imparted to anyone not qualified to receive such teachings. 0

  We achieve this "awakening" into the Higher Self (that Brunton referred to) through the processes of Perennialist meditation and contemplation and through gaining efficacious understanding of the knowledge and techniques revealed in this essay. Through special, esoteric processes we achieve inwardly-turned mental concentration, yielding its practitioner a serene condition where extraneous thoughts subside, revealing the diviner background which ordinary activity hides. Through Perennialist meditation and contemplation we attain consciousness within the Higher, Subliminal Self.

I am my Higher Self, my Soul. I am attaining the capability of locating my consciousness in my Higher Self and in its Life within the Supersensible Domain. I am attaining inner awareness of Being my Higher Self, becoming progressively aware of a Life of quite a special character, entirely different from my ordinary terrestrial life. Two worlds--an outer and an inner--present themselves to me; and I am attaining union with the inner world and attaining unity with my being as my Higher Self.

  In the dawn of time before recorded history, Perennialist sages unveiled the truth that the human essence is oneness with the Divine within--the Higher Self. Thus, the purpose of human life is to realize--become aware and make real--our identity with our Higher Self, the manifestation of the Unitary Quintessence. The Perennialist savants were aware that humans almost automatically succumb to cultural conditioning, developing a false sense of self through the delusion that arises when the mind identifies itself with the physical body and the terrestrial world. This High Teaching was made available to humankind through Plato's Allegory of The Cave.

  I am my Higher Self, my Soul, my True Reality, my Supersensible Being, completely independent of and separate from my physical body and its senses and the terrestrial domain. I am gaining discernment--feeling and realization--of my being my Higher Self; I feel and realize my immediate consciousness of being completely outside my body, apart from the ordinary physical world altogether. I feel and experience my being completely apart from the ordinary physical world in another realm where I have a totally independent life in a Higher World, a life as my Higher Self.

  I am learning to locate my consciousness in my Higher Self, gaining the ability to activate its faculties by means of which I can acquire for myself an intuitive knowledge of higher worlds and lead a life as my Higher Self. I am gaining the ability to locate my consciousness in the world of soul and spirit which is more real (more redolant of Goodness) than the world we see with our physical eyes and touch with our physical hands.

  I am striving earnestly after higher knowledge. I shun no exertion and fear no obstacle in my search for supersensible Teachers who can help me to attain higher knowledge of the supersensible domain. I am certain that I can and will attain increasingly efficacious apprehension and comprehension of the Mysteries of the supersensible life as I give proof of earnest, worthy, and assiduous effort to attain this understanding and wisdom.

  As I gain the ability to locate my consciousness in my Higher Self, through Meditation and contemplation, I am activating my organ of Pure Mentation, the Mind. I am making contact with and learning to identify with a Life-Essence consisting of pure mentation alone, of which my Soul-Life consists. Within Life as my Higher Self, my Soul, the Life-Essence consists of mentation that is self-sustaining and from which everything related to terrestrial, physical-conditioned life is excluded. Such mentation reveals itself to me through its own intrinsic being, as spiritual supersensible substance. I am locating my consciousness within my Soul-Life-Essence, while excluding all physical perception, all memory, and every other token of terrestrial life. As I attain unity with these mentation-Essences, I know myself to be in a supersensible region and experience myself outside my physical body. My supersensible experience is a continuing Life lived by me as my Higher Self, my Soul, when activated by pure Soul-mentation.

Higher-Self Manifestation

  This reality does not reveal itself unless seekers first cultivate a condition of soul which allows them to become the recipients of this revelation: the soul, the Higher Self, lives through experiences outside the terrestrial body in a supersensible body in a supersensible world, the Pleroma. 1   The Higher Self, the Soul, possesses supersensible sense organs and potencies which I am activating, as I learn to live a Higher Life in my soul, my Higher Self.

  A symbolical, supersensible sign-language and writing system can be learned in the same way we learn the letters of an ordinary terrestrial language, and their combinations. There have been and there still are spiritual, primordial signs, symbols, and sounds by means of which supersensible facts are expressed. And anyone initiated into the meaning of these signs, symbols, and sounds attains thereby the means of directing his inner life toward the supersensible realities to which they refer.

  An inner soul-life can be realized in the supersensible world--through circumstance, thought, and meditation. We develop this soul-life as a Second Life within ourselves, in which we have a Second Being. We learn to hold the two being-states apart in full consciousness and how to make them act and react on each other in an effective manner.

  As a seeker gaining awareness as my Higher Self in the supersensible world, this New Reality sheds its light over my entire being; but far from distracting me from terresstrial life, it allows me to be more capable and my life more productive. Every cognitive process directed toward the supersensible calls the whole human being into action.

  To achieve the awareness of supersensible reality it is essential that the human being at least have intimations of previously having experienced being conscious of himself as a supersensible being in a supersensible realm prior to entering the terrestrial world. Without this vision and spiritual remembrance of his own supersensible nature, the reality of which is remembered by his Soul, his Higher Self, the human being's experience of himself in the supersensible world would be like placing him in a world in such a way that the things and processes around him manifested themselves, while he himself had no sensibility of his own essence.

  It is necessary to remember that you yourself chose to experience terrestrial incarnation for specific purposes. You wanted to experience consciousness in another form of being: that of terrestrial existence. You wanted to gain the ability to commune (dialectically interchange) with Higher supersensible beings, while experiencing existence as a mortal being. You planned to enter a temporal life to gain specific elements of wisdom: "returning to one's Real Self while in physical existence."

  Other beings, who have already gone through the experience of mortal life and death (and perhaps other states of being) and rejoined their former eternal life in the supersensible realm, are continuing their eternal spiritual evolution toward the goal of henosis: total union with the Divine One. These beings love you and are interested in what you have done and are now doing in the terrestrial domain. They are actively involved in your life, in both a direct and indirect manner. In a supramundane manner, they are as involved in your present earthly life as you are. You can, through awareness of your supersensible life, gain awareness of their presence and influence in your present terrestrial life.

"It seems to the student ever more and more as though the solution of the riddles over which he ponders is whispered to him in tones and words out of a higher world. And he is able to connect with ordinary life whatever comes to him from a higher world. What was formerly only accessible to his thought now becomes actual experience, just as living and substantial as an experience in this physical world can be. The things and beings of this physical world are by no means only what they appear to be for physical perception. They are the expression and effluence of a spiritual world. This spiritual world, hitherto concealed from the student, now resounds for him out of his whole environment. . .

"What the senses perceive is only part of the Supersensible Plenum, and it is in the spirit world that the beings dwell who express themselves in the facts of the physical world. Man must become a partaker of the spirit in order to carry its revelations into the physical world. He transforms the earth by implanting in it what he has ascertained in the spiritual world. That is his task. . .

Rudolf Steiner, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, 1904

Meditations on Moving Into Higher Frequency Environments and
Locating Our Consciousenes In a Higher Frequency Body

  • Your thoughts create--manifest--your reality.
  • You can become a powerful spiritual being who can create any reality you choose.
  • Most physical beings possess little control over their thoughts.
  • You can create your own reality when you take control of your thoughts in the physical and supersenssible worlds.
  • The only way to know and understand something absolutely is to experience it for ourselves.
  • Humans are a species that use bodies as vehicles of exploration and evolution.
  • Everyone leaves their body when they fall asleep; they hover out of sync with their body.
  • The entire universe of Reality, physical and supersensible, is a training school for developing souls.
  • All environments are a form of energy, and all energy is thought-responsive to some degree.
  • As you move into non-physical realms you are in a thought-responsive reality.
  • You must own your power. If you don't own it, someone else will.
  • It's up to you to take control of your state of consciousness and to learn how to empower yourself.
  • You are evolving beyond the physical realm.
  • You are empowering yourself through out-of-physical-body and in-the-spiritual-body exploration.
  • You can re-program your subconscious mind to accept your new capability of out-of-physical body/in-the-spiritual-body exploration.
  • We can achieve the ability to experience not just alternate realities, but Higher Realities.
  • You are saturating your mind with your intentions because intentions are the engine of out-of-physical-body/in-the-spiritual-body exploration.
  • Our personal evolution largely depends on the way we focus, control, and direct our thought-energy.
  • Each physical object around us exists as a multiple-frequency object. Everything around us also exists in a parallel, nonphysical dimension of the universe.
  • Although our eyes see only the dense molecular result of energy, matter continues in a continuum of nonphysical energy beyond our sight. Each form is independent of the physical yet is interconnected by its internal frequency, just as particles of light and waves of light are interconnected as a single unit of energy.
  • Matter exists as a continuum of energy extending far beyond the crude limits of our physical vision.
  • A consensus environment is any environment or reality that is created and maintained by the thoughts of a group of individuals. For example, the heavens of each religious group are created by the thoughts and beliefs of their respective inhabitants. Like all realities, the consensus environments are molded by the group consciousness.
  • Just as there are multiple nonphysical energy dimensions within the universe, each of us has being as multiple energy-bodies or vehicles of expression.
  • We, who don't know what we are, why we're here, or even where we go, consider ourselves the dominant, intelligent rulers of the world. It's truly ironic just how deceived we are.
  • In nonphysical, higher-frequency environments, we communicate through images entering our minds. These images are visual representations of ideas--not words. This mode of communication is far more direct and precise than vocalized words.
  • We have several different Higher Beings assisting us in different aspects of our lives; each being assisting us is a specialist in a given area of existence and being.
  • A higher soul-aspect of ourselves orchestrates our experiences in a manner that is appropriate for our current understanding.
  • Many of the forms we see when out-of-body are created for our personal benefit, so we can work to discern the meaning within the forms.
  • All entities within our experience are multidimensional, simultaneously existing in different energy frequencies of the universe.
    Yet all these energy dimensions coexist in the same time and space.
  • The nonphysical, supersensible body is a highly sophisticated energy system that responds to our thoughts, aspiration, and intentions.
  • Soul or pure consciousness is without form but can, and does, use various shapes and forms of energy for its purposes.
  • Matter is the dense outermost result of a magnificent chain of events occurring just beyond our physical vision.
  • Reality is relative to the vibrational density of the observer.
  • Just as light exists as both a particle and a wave at the same instant in time, so all physical objects exist simultaneously as dense molecular forms and nonphysical-energy forms.
  • Einstein's famous equation E = MC2 tells us that matter is nothing more than a form of energy--in a sense, stored energy temporarily molded to construct the physical objects around us.
  • Our universe is a multidimensional continuum of interconnected energy.
  • The energy tunnel commonly observed during a near-death experience is actually a highly organized temporary opening or rift in the nonphysical energy membrane and appears to open automatically to allow life-forms to pass through.
  • All energy dimensions exist here and now. All energy dimensions exist within the same time-space as the visible universe. The seen and unseen universe is a continuum of energy frequencies. Each dimension exists independently according to its individual frequency, yet they are all linked by the flow of nonphysical energy. Each dimension of energy is interconnected with its energy neighbors to form a complete system--the multidimensional universe.
  • The closest physical concept that describes the structure of the universe is degree of density. Each dimension encountered after we shed the physical body is progressively less dense in its vibrational substance.
  • The universe is a multidimensional continuum of energy emanating from a nonphysical source.
  • It is best to classify nonphysical environments by the way each responds to focused thought-energy.
  • In thought-responsive nonphysical dimensions, our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, immediately begin to interact with and restructure the subtle energy around us.
  • One of the ways we achieve consciousness of our Higher Self or soul is through experiencing ecstasy: a state of overwhelming emotion, especially rapturous delight and pleasure, transport, mystic or prophetic trance.
  • We can achieve partial consciousness of our soul (Higher Self) through extraneous means (drugs, sexual ecstasy, chanting, dancing, etc.) but then we must work to attain the capability of achieving complete soul consciousness through our own personal efforts.
  • Countless environments and realities exist within each individual dimension of the universe. Each dimension and environment consists of specific frequencies or wavelengths of nonphysical energy. In addition, each nonphysical dimension and environment appears to be the direct result of thought or mentation.
  • Consciousness exists at a much higher frequency or wavelength than matter and must interact with biological forms by the use of unseen vehicles of form which transfer and step down the higher frequency of consciousness into the relatively dense physical body.
  • Consciousness is a continuum of nonphysical energy extending its awareness through multiple frequencies (dimensions) of the universe.
  • The growing recognition of the frequency-like nature of elemental particles is a necessary step on the evolutionary path toward science's ultimate discovery of the multi-dimensional structure of matter and the universe itself.
  • The traditional scientific method and its dependence upon physical technology will eventually evolve into a cooperative merger of physical and non-physical research techniques. In the twenty-first century, the interaction between physical technology and human consciousness will become a science in and of itself.
  • Evolution is the progressive development of conscious energy (soul) through the use of temporary physical and supersensible vehicles of development and expression.
  • You can use your mind to move your conscious awareness from your body to your Higher Self.

Every thing and
Every one and
Every time and
Every where
In the ALLNESS, UNITY, and PERFECTION of the Divine.  

I am asking for Divine assistance
While attempting to make my best effort
To learn how to receive divine and human transmissions
From both the supersensible and the terrestrial domains
To listen to those transmissions and learn from them
What I need to know and what I need to do.

   Using sounds from Nature to help move your awareness from your body to your Higher Self:

Whipporwill 2





0 Persons can be so delusional and evil--living in the world of false reality--that they believe that they have been initiated into supersensible Mysteries, when in fact, even if they have been made aware that there are Mysteries concerning the supersensible (through such essays as this one), their own negative, parasitical essence would make it impossible for them to have ever achieved efficacious discernment, understanding, or participation in such Mysteries.

1 Pleroma literally means "fullness", from the verb pleroo , "to fill". Pleroma may emphasize totality in contrast to its constituent parts; or fullness in contrast to emptiness (kenoma); or completeness in contrast to incompleteness or deficiency. Pleroma generally refers to the totality of divine virtues and powers: as pan to pleroma tou theou: "the whole (moral) perfection which is characteristic of God."' Ephesians 3:19; and to the complete moral and intellectual perfection to which Christians aspire and with which they are filled: Ephesians 4:13

2 During a time in my life when I was spending a great deal of time in a forest bordering the Current River in Missouri, I was blessed with the Divulgence of a whipporwill one evening lighting on a tree stump within five feet of me and proceeding to intone its beautiful, entrancing call several times while looking me in the eye, then calmly flying away.