Democrats Must Get Tough--And Smart!
Democrats Must Get Tough--And Smart!
Democrats Must Get Tough--And Smart!


  Democrats, especially Joe Biden, have been playing "nice" with the Fascist-Republicans. Unfortunately, Biden and most of the other elected officials in the Democratic Party, are hugely influenced by their capitalist backers. But, even with this handicap, the Democrats are trying to uphold the essential democratic guardrails, such as voting rights and voting integrity, and they have done a creditable job with the Covid-19 pandemic and the U.S. economy. Biden and the other Democrats are certainly a huge cut above the insane, evil Trump and his Republican Party grifter-sycophants.

  To begin, Biden must replace Attorney General Merick Garland with someone who will indict and prosecute Trump and his grifter-acolytes for the many crimes they have perpetrated--and are perpetrating--in broad daylight. The moment Garland quashed the E. Jean Carroll sexual assault case against Trump, Biden should have replaced Garland, since this indicated that Garland was a right-wing advocate if not a Trumpite. Garland's lame statement that he would pursue criminals connected to the January 6th domestic terrorist attack on our Capitol, has not been followed up by any further new indictments or appropriate sentencing. Of the 701 people charged federally for the January 6th insurrection, 334 have been charged with misdemeanors only. So far, the median prison sentence for the January 6th terrorists has been 45 days.

  Garland--or his replacement--must indict and prosecute all the crimes that are being perpetrated in Republican-controlled states, especially crimes such as voter suppression, vote mis-counting, voting-mis-overseeing, and vote outcome reporting, and others.

  Democrats must hold Republican Party officials and members accountable for the crimes they are commiting and the destruction of democratic guardrails they are perpetrating. Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, VP Harris, and all Democratic Party leaders and members must continually point out the un-American and criminal behavior of Republican Party officials and members. For example, during the Democratic Party fiasco when Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema proved that they not only were not true members of the party but were also totally disloyal to their oath of allegiance to the Constitution, Democratic Party leaders should have pointed out precisely the nature of Manchin's and Sinema's betrayal of party and nation, but should also have condemned Republican Party Senate members, all of whom voted against essential legislation to protect voting rights.

"...By blocking any federal response to the voter-suppression legislation advancing across so many red states, the two Democratic holdouts [Manchin and Sinema] are increasing the chances that it will be Republicans who next seize unified control of Washington."

  Manchin and Sinema are traitors to the Democratic Party and to democracy; they must be "primaried." The Democratic Party must give its full support to candidates who will oppose them in the 2024 election.

  Democratic party leaders must publicly denounce and point out the insane, illegal behavior of those evil Republican Congresspersons who--among other attrocities--threaten the lives of other members of Congress by carrying guns to work and spreading QAnon conspiracy lies. All insane, outrageous behavior on the part of Trump--or any of his clown-car fellow-performers such as Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz, Ron Paul, Lindsey Graham, Ginni Thomas (Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife), Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, ad nauseum--must be exposed in public.

  It is of immense importance that Democratic Party leaders and members and the few Republican defenders of democracy denounce, at every possible opportunity, the Big Lie of Trump winning the 2000 election and Biden "stealing" the election. Believing and espousing this falsehood has become the litmus test for Republican Party candidates and incumbents. The insane and demonic nature of this Big Lie must be pointed out to all Americans at every opportunity.

  Leaders and members of the Democratic Party--and all American patiots--must realize that if they do not act with force--and intelligence--the fascist Republicans will seize control of this nation and destroy all elements of democratic rule.