"Concrete things should be wiped out and conditions substituted like enthusiasm, admiration, love--anything that is not made up into articles. That is your real substance . . . You work with them, instead of tools, to create."

Betty White and Stewart Edward White, With Folded Wings

      In this essay we'll focus exclusively on the positive connotations of creation as power dealing with the formation of entities beneficial to humankind. We'll explore how the terms "creation," "creator," and "creative" have been distorted 1 beginning in the 1990s to change some meanings of these words into the exact opposite of the original and genuine meanings.

     We'll concentrate on the meaning, structure, and dynamic of creation As Power not only to attain an understanding of this elemental reality, but also to gain the ability to bring new entities into being or existence.

  1. Bringing into being or existence
  2. Investing with a new form
  3. Producing or bringing about by a course of action or behavior
  4. Producing through imaginative skill
  5. Establishing; constituting; founding
  6. The totality of all existing things: cosmos, macrocosm, nature, universe, world
  7. Any fictitious idea accepted as part of an ideology by an uncritical group; a received idea: fantasy, fiction, figment, invention, myth

      It may seem irrelevant to study the changing meanings of these terms, but we must keep in mind that language sets the limits as to what humans can experience, understand and accomplish. If a language lacks specific word-based concepts or if the people no longer understand those concepts--or misunderstand them--then their meaning and power cease to be available to them. If the original, genuine meanings of words are changed into corrupted meanings, then the thinking and behavior of people change drastically.

"Whoever wields power is also able to control language and not only with the prohibitions of censorship but also by changing the meaning of words."
Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz

  The changing of the terms "creation," "creator," and "creative" is illustrative of how a large number of words are being twisted into aberrations of their original purport. Beginning in the early 1990s, "creation" came to have the negative connotation: "any fictitious idea accepted as part of an ideology by an uncritical group; a received idea: fantasy, fiction, figment, invention, myth." This meant that "creation" now included, as one of its "acceptable" connotations, this distortion of its genuine meaning.

      The degeneration of the term "creative" is even more instructive. Up till about 1987, "creative" meant:

  • Marked by the ability or power to create
  • Having the quality of something created rather than imitated

          In 1993, two new meanings for "creative" were added, with the word label "facetious:"

      1. Managed so as to get around legal or conventional limits, as in "creative financing"
      2. Deceptively arranged so as to conceal or defraud, as in "creative bookkeeping"

          In the 1993 Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary in which these new meanings were included for the first time, the word label "facetious" was defined as: "used consciously for humorous or playful effect." The inclusion of the label "facetious" indicated that these irregular connotations were not a legitimate or acceptable part of the meaning of the word "creative."

      The interesting thing is that after 1993, the word label "facetious" was dropped from Webster's dictionaries. This meant that the negative meanings which had earlier been delineated as outside the original or genuine connotations of "creative," now were ordinary and acceptable meanings.

       This illustrates how English--and all other world languages--are being systematically changed 2 and distorted by the decline in moral probity among the people. Corrupt practices, in this era of deliberate lying by politicians and financiers, are becoming common and, to many, acceptable.

          Thus, as I indicated earlier, we'll concentrate exclusively on the positive meanings of creation in an effort to understand how this transcendent process operates on the supersensible and terrestrial levels.


          Plato provides us with profound insight into the reality of creation.

    "Since this world of ours is beautiful and its Creator partakes of the Form of Goodness, then clearly the Creator has selected the primordial Form of Beauty as the blueprint for the world.

    "The Creator produces the universe through bringing order out of chaos, because a realm of order allows for harmony, understanding, and wisdom.

      "The Creator wants this whole universe of becoming to be as much like Himself as possible . . . He reasons that it is best that entities in the terrestrial realm possess intelligence . . . and to possess intelligence they must be endowed with a soul . . . The Creator forms the universe as a self-sufficient Living Unity containing all existent entities within its World Soul . . .

    "Humans can attain immortality by becoming like the Creator and learning to create in precisely the manner He creates. The Creator plants the seed of immortality in humans which can be brought to fruition by human acts of self-transformation and self-control. He provides Guides to assist in human transformation."

    Plato, Timaeus

                          Creation occurs when the One Quintessence, propagating ceaselessly throughout the spiritual and terrestrial realms, manifests for specific purposes.

          The constantly radiating Transcendent Power is instantiated in objects, persons, events, and ideas, relative to the purpose of the arresting force. A person, idea, or object must provide a stress 3 point for the Higher Force to be embodied in a particular actuality. Manifestation of the undifferentiated All-Consciousness is possible only by the interposition of some form of resistance.


                    The room you now find yourself in is being bombarded by frequencies which only become manifest through the imposition of an arresting mechanism called a television set.

          Electricity remains undisclosed until it becomes light or power or heat according to the kind of resistance thrown across its flow.


          The Primal Force continues in undifferentiated transmission unless it meets a complementary force that causes its particularization relative to a specific intention.

    "That is the forming of the mold. As it is a process of assimilation and reproduction, the delicacy of its development requires the comforting enwrapment of time and of brooding cherishing. Until the hour of its unfoldment its petals must not be pried open by the sharp fingers of intellect, nor forced by the hot breathing of haste. It must be allowed its due and graceful period of gestation before it can be brought forth for handling. It must be allowed to lie quiet, warmed by, one might say, a sort of suspended and reverent attention.

    "During that period, from that second stream of inspiration, which we call psychic, details apparently isolated and unattached will float to it almost at random, until at last it stands ready for the intellectual fashioning. That is the second step of the process.

    "The infinite universe is a flow of unbroken and unmanifested harmony. . . Manifestation in the finite is an arresting for the purpose of visibility, so to speak, of that flow. That arresting can take place only by what we will call creative intelligence. Intelligence works in creation only by means of a conscious act of will. The act of creation is the setting in motion of a specific set of vibrations. That set of vibrations takes its form in manifestation according to the medium in which it is expressed. Its dynamics may be sufficiently powerful to carry it beyond its first medium of expression into other and different media, in which case the form of manifestation may be different. But it will be the same in power and degree of harmony."

    Betty White, The Gaelic Manuscripts, 1925

    Transcendent and Terrestrial Creation

          We're comparatively familiar with "creation" in the physical domain since our lives are largely composed of purposes (ours and others', those living and those who lived previously) manifesting in actions, objects, and events. However, few people comprehend creation at the metaphysical and spiritual levels of being.

          The five phases or aspects of creation are:

    1. Contacting and Receiving Inspiration From the Transcendent Force

    Developing the capability of creative imagination: allowing the flow-through of ideas and archetypes

    2. Forming an Intention

    Intelligence intentionally selecting a Form, Pattern, 4 or Purpose for creating a specific entity (person, object, condition, or event)

    3. Using Creative Imagination

    Forming a blueprint or plan for creating the entity selected for manifestation

    "Imagination is the very gateway to reality! Imagination is the Power of Transportation--that overrides space and time! Imagination enables you to put yourself anywhere. It's the power of juxtaposition, that puts together things that were never put together before, at points of contact that nobody else ever thought of. It's the power to see the Pattern."

    Betty and Stewart Edward White, Across the Unknown

    4. Acting to Produce

    Tangible or intangible operations through which the selected entity is brought into existence relative to the original intention as structured by the blueprint

    5. Manifesting in the Supersensible or Terrestrial Domain

    Created entities (tangible or intangible) sustained and used to benefit humankind

    He said:
    'I was a hidden treasure;
    creation was created
    so that you might know me.'

    Hakim Sanai, The Walled Garden of Truth

    Examples of Creation

    Henry David Thoreau

    Charlotte Bronte

    Contacting the Transcendent Force
    Joining with the undifferentiated Force creating and sustaining transcendent being and terrestrial existence
    Forming an Intention Build a simple shelter for solitude and the study of nature Illustrate an extraordinary relationship Develop a process to access the Transcendent Realm
    Using Creative Imagination to Develop a Blueprint Book outline:

    Exceptionally intelligent governess and master form a spiritual bond

    A Higher Intellect procedure higher than mathematics that enables persons to apprehend Pure Form
    Acting to Produce Carpentry, masonry, tinsmithy Writing, organizing, reflecting Studying Socrates' procedures, experimenting with new processes
    Bringing to Manifestation

    The novel Jane Eyre

    Plato's Science
    of Dialectic

          You'll notice that the three examples of creation contain significant differences. Thoreau's planning and building of his cabin on Walden Pond resulted in a tangible object which did not survive in its original form, even though it's been reconstructed as a tourist site. The book Thoreau wrote, Walden, has survived and keeps alive the memory of the cabin and Thoreau's experiences while living on Walden Pond.

          Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre is still in print and remains popular with modern readers. The novel enshrines an outstanding illustration of a spiritual relationship between a woman and a man that continues to influence human interchange. The novel, that is, has tangible existence as a published work of art, but also now has permanent being in the supersensible realm as a Form or pattern.

          Plato's science of dialectical interchange has its primary timeless being in the transcendent realm, while possessing terrestrial existence in books containing Plato's writings, in Perennialist books, Perennialist teaching material, and in the contemporary practice of dialectical interchange in the Perennial Tradition.

         "True it is, without falsehood, certain and most true. That which is above is like that which is below and that which is below is like that which is above, to accomplish the miracle of unity.

    Hermes   Everything is formed from the contemplation of unity, and all things come about from unity, by means of adaptation.

      Thus you shall have the glory of the illumination of all the world, and all obscurity will fly far from you.

      This is the power of all strength--it overcomes every subtle thing and penetrates every solid substance.

      This was the means of the creation of the world.

      In the future wonderful adaptations will be achieved, and adaptation is the Way.

      I am Hermes the Threefold Sage, so named because I hold the three elements of all wisdom. And thus ends the revelation of the work of the Sun."

    Hermes Trismegistus, The Emerald Tablet

        The first phase of creation--contacting and receiving inspiration from the Transcendent Force--is the most difficult because it's here that the seeker must accomplish an essential dead lift, 5 as Betty White called it. This is evidenced by, among other capabilities, being able to achieve inspiration through opening to Higher Intelligence, demonstrated through the creation of new, original entities (ideas, objects, and events).

          Creation is actually achieved through our blending and cooperating with the Higher creative impetus that produces and sustains all beings. Our part in creation is primarily cooperative; we eagerly, actively seek to be a minute part of the ongoing Transcendent Doing.

          Creation, as we're defining it in this essay, does not involve our whomping something into actuality on our own, willy nilly. We can, of course, slap together incompatible, absurd ideas and objects to concoct an abortion.

          And any moron with enough criminal intent and illegitimate power can cook up mayhem and destruction--as is evidenced by the current gang of thugs wreaking havoc on the world.

          The infinite universe is a flow of unbroken and unmanifested harmony. Creation is an arrestment of the flow of this universal harmony and its differentiation into new forms of particularization. Entities can be brought into actualization through evil or malicious intent, resulting in atrocities and horrors. However, genuine creation eventuates in persons, objects, and events that have predominantly positive qualities which can be utilized in the furtherance of human evolution.

          Study of the process of creation helps us recognize our place in the larger scheme of things: cells of a harmonious Body illuminated beyond our comprehension.

          Rather than take yourself too seriously, you must recognize the absurdity of seeing yourself as a Grand Panjandrum.

          We can gain increased understanding of Creation--and thus more ability to create--by identifying the details of its five phases and aspects:

    Phases and Aspects of Creation
    1. Contacting the Transcendent Force Joining with the undifferentiated Force creating and sustaining transcendent being and terrestrial existence

    Turning to the source of our being   Allowing the Higher Doing to flow through us and model us to its purposes   Associating with this essence of life power consciously to rest in it and depend upon it   We appropriate this Higher Force by partaking of it and blending with it.

    You develop for yourself a sensation of the entrance into your being of the universal creative life force which connects you to all other created beings. This gift of heart expansion and growth becomes silently available through you to others of your degree of consciousness.

    2. Forming an Intention or Purpose Intelligence intentionally selecting a Form, pattern, or purpose for creating a specific entity (person, object, or event)

    Nourished by your contact with and inspiration by the Higher Force, you use your mental faculties to plan its utilization. The intention is a product of creative inspiration. Relative to your awareness of yourself and the world, elemental needs present themselves which require the intentioning of an answer or solution.

    3. Using Creative Imagination to Develop a Blueprint Forming a blueprint or plan for creating the entity selected for manifestation

    Tapping into the personal and collective Creative Imagination through interpersonal and inner dialectical interchange, you discover a design and strategy by which you will be able to bring the intended entity to manifestation

    4. Acting to Produce Constructing, developing, improving, revising, renovating, overcoming, building, studying, conceiving, affirming, understanding, discerning, formulating, asserting, informing, cooperating, uniting

    Working to achieve creative inspiration to discover the specific appropriate and effective actions which through conscious cooperation with spiritual and terrestrial forces that brings the intended, planned entity to manifestation

    5. Bringing to Manifestation Instantiating Higher Forms and Purposes in creating and recreating yourself, others, and a new world

    Stabilizing an inward companionship with the supersensible domain and the spiritual nature of all particularized manifestations of Universal Life

    The Metaphysics of Creation

          We're intent on understanding the essence of creation so we can attain the power to create. To do this, we must comprehend the ontological first principles that bear on creation.

          Creation in the terrestrial realm involves the bringing of an entity from non-existent being (1A) to existence (1B). To accomplish this act, a creative agent must use a Form (1.A.a) along with the Primordial Force to bring an entity into existence (1.B).

          As early as the Hermetic, Vedic, and Platonic embodiments of the Perennial Tradition, Perennialist teachers have maintained:

    1. We must distinguish between being and existence, since existent entities are manifestations of supersensible Forms that have their being in the transcendent realm

    2. Entities in existence participate in being

    3. God, the Divine, the Creator, the One, is beyond the designation of being or non-being, since this Ultimate Reality created being and existence.

          Hakim Sanai, in his mystic work "The Walled Garden of Truth," expressed it this way:

        "Place itself has no place
        How could there be place
        for the creator of place
        heaven for the maker of heaven."

          Meister Eckhart coined the German word Istigkeit to delineate the unique reality of God, beyond being and existence, maintaining that "to create is to give being out of non-being." We use the word "ipseity" to delineate the quality of God's independence, being complete in Himself.

          In his Religion in the Making, Alfred North Whitehead asserted that "The world lives by its incarnation of God in itself."

    "What has no Being [of and by itself] is nothing. Creatures have no Being of their own, for their Being is the presence of God. If God withdrew from them even for a moment, they would all perish."

    Meister Eckhart

    Creation In the Terrestrial Domain

          In Perennialist teaching, creation is conceived as a process, not as a single event. One of the current theories concerning the single event of the creation of the physical universe is the big bang theory. This and similar theories of the creation of the cosmos suffer from unanswered questions and unsupported presuppositions. In this essay we're not concerned with the conception of creation as an event; we're exploring creation as an ongoing operation.

          As we examine the contemporary world, we must ask what it is that we should create if we're to improve the condition of humankind. Certainly, we must create a New Commonwealth in which the full development of all humans is the common goal. But can we hope to create such a new world with people as they are today?

          We can answer this question by examining ordinary persons in everyday situations. What stands out is how ignorance and egomania have destroyed the minds and personalities of a vast number of Americans. Persons, for example, who call into radio or TV talk shows exhibit the most debilitating witlessness and self-centeredness imaginable, forcing their uninformed prejudices on the other listeners or viewers in a daze of total obliviousness to others' sensibilities. They simply aren't aware of how they bore other people with their absurd expressions of inane feelings and abject ignorance.

          Thus, the first elements we must create--or rather re-create or transform--are our own personalities and minds. We couldn't possibly create a new commonwealth with people in their present debilitated state of arrogance, stupidity, self-centeredness, and presumptuousness--they're incapable of any degree of intelligence, fellow-feeling, or cooperation.

          In our present situation, we find that we were born into this terrestrial domain with specific potentialities. The process of human conception and birth is a special type of creation: the bringing into existence a new being composed of body, mind, and soul. As we grow up, we form our mind and personality relative to how we respond to various experiential impacts. By developing self-awareness and moral probity, we gain an understanding of our soul and develop a unity with our Higher Consciousness.

          At this point, we are constituted by what and how we have developed and what and how we have not developed. This is the same with all entities: they are both what they are (what they've realized) and what they are not (what they haven't realized). A triangle--a figure formed by the intersection of three lines--for example, can be understood to be both what it encloses (what is inside the triangle) as well as what it excludes (what is outside the triangle).

          This is another aspect of the dialectical nature of existent beings: they're composed of diverse, sometimes contradictory elements in an ongoing process of interchange and interaction. Nicholas of Cusa referred to this aspect as "actualized contrariety," indicating that every existent is definable both positively (in terms of what it is) and negatively (in terms of what it is not).

    "The divine One is undivided and One in essence . . . a negation of negations. Every creature contains a negation: one denies that it is the other. [Even] an angel denies that it is any other creature; but God contains the denial of denials: He is the One who denies of every other that it is anything except Himself."
    Meister Eckhart

          Using the same framework as outlined above, we can determine how the creation of new human beings must take place.

    Creating the New Human
    Contacting the Transcendent Force Allowing the Higher Doing to flow through us and model us to its purposes

    • Vanquishing Ignorance

    • Expanding Human Consciousness

    • Conceiving of a New World

    Using Creative Imagination to Develop a Blueprint Forming a blueprint or plan for creating the entity selected for manifestation

    • Plato

    • The Saving Remnant

    Acting to Produce Working to achieve creative inspiration to discover the means by which to bring the intended, planned entity to manifestation

    • Enlightening Groups

    • Transformative Groups

    • Creative Inspiration

    Bringing to Manifestation Stabilizing an inward companionship with the supersensible domain and the spiritual nature of all particularized manifestations of Universal Life

    "Creation" of Our World Through Perceptual Mental Activity

          In earlier essays, we've explored how the actions of our minds "create" our world. Perception is always permeated by Thought; we do not experience immediate apprehension of an unmediated reality. As we seek to understand Reality, we impose certain ordering principles on our sense data: causality, objectivity (seeing things as objects), space, time, etc. Contrary to naive realism, Reality is not easily knowable. We have to begin by searching within ourselves to discover what we think we know about Reality but don't really know (ignorance of ignorance). When we discover that our impressions of Reality are inaccurate, we must correct them through thoughtful examination of evidence as to what the truth really is.

          The acts of perception and Understanding--by which we "create" our reality--reveals primarily not the properties of the external object being perceived, but discloses the potencies and nature of the perceiving subject. Our ability to apprehend Reality is in direct ratio to our essence: our powers of fair appraisal, our capability of allowing an object to disclose itself to us without our dictating to it what it must be.

          Every act of objective knowing is also an act of self-knowing; perception reveals who we are as much as what the object is. Persons "create" or are given completely different realities relative to their individual capabilities and powers. If persons are willing to accept the ordinary world as "given" by "public opinion" as created by propaganda and blind tradition, then they live in one kind of false reality (as depicted below).

          Those persons who develop their mental, moral, and spiritual capabilities are able to create an entirely independent and superior Reality. One of the primary attributes of the "new human" is the practice of ongoing re-creation or transformation. 6   A genuine human persists in continuous improvement because she wishes to develop her full potential. Unfortunately, most persons in today's world remain the same throughout their lives.

          As "new humans" developing ourselves--our awareness of our inner essence and our world--we gain increased ability to know and create.

          It's not just a matter of getting in touch with more reality. We must improve ourselves--our mental and moral qualities--if we're to gain increased understanding of what we're already in touch with and new aspects of reality we can discover--and create--with our enhanced capabilities.

    "All results of this kind are gained by a slowing down of the universal current by intentioning. . . Whenever you apply this power, . . try to remember and as far as possible duplicate your impression of the greater current carrying into you from above, sweeping through you as a fresh breeze flows. Imagine that picture.

    "Then try once more to imagine deflecting a certain portion of this current to pass outward in focused form - not merely permitting the broad sweep, but focusing, as of water in a pipe.

    "The checking of the universal flow by an intelligent Idea results, as has been said, in a creation. We have in cosmos an underlying reality, an ALL Consciousness, which is infinite, and which we, as finite minds, cannot understand. Necessarily, finite creation must be part of this consciousness, of its same stuff. But it is what it is because of its underlying Idea. . .

    "We do not work a law: we merely assemble the conditions for its working. Then the matter is out of our hands; we cannot prevent it from working. . .

    Betty White, The Gaelic Manuscripts, 1935

    The Mystery of Creation

          As we've seen, persons create through apprehending Forms, selecting intentions, developing blueprints, actualizing Forms and intentions in terrestrial reality, and experiencing the manifested entities. As with all Higher Teachings, these concepts concerning creation have been distorted and debased by persons who do not comprehend their essence. New Age gurus, in particular, have adulterated and cheapened this teaching into the mantra:

    "You can create anything you want if you reprogram your subconscious belief system and change your thoughts."

          Teachers within the Perennial Tradition have made it clear that the belief that anyone, no matter what his moral, philosophical, or spiritual attainments, can easily concoct into actuality whatever he wants is sheer nonsense.

    "The deeper secrets and laws of our being are self-protected; to learn them requires an adaptation of character and purpose, and a humility of mind and spirit, inconsistent with those displayed by the perverse or merely curious enquirer. To understand, let alone practically to explore, the Hermetic Mystery is not for every one--at least, at his present state of evolutional unfolding. . . . Only to those whose spiritual destiny has already equipped them with a certain high measure of moral and intellectual fitness will even a rough notional apprehension of it be practicable."

    Walter Leslie Wilmhurst, Introduction to
    Mary A. Atwood's, Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy

          Ignorant persons wishing to "get rich quick" or "affirm into existence" whatever their egocentric minds desire assume that there is an easy magic to creation: if a person can just find the occult words or spell or amulet or crystal or whatever, they can bring into actuality anything they want. The Internet is chock-full of Websites that provide money-back guaranteed programs of "Learning to Create Your Own Reality."

          As with other Perennialist teachings that have been debased into nostrums and scams, there is a reality behind the illusion. As Rumi points out: "Counterfeit gold only exists because there is such a thing as real gold." But, as usual, the reality is totally different from the delusory concept. There is a transcendent process of Creation which can be used to bring new entities into actuality--if we re-create ourselves into changed beings.

          The "magic" or occult mystery of Creation as Power--which was earlier titled Alchemy--has been seen in two different lights:

      1. As merely a materialistic transmutation of baser metals into gold, silver or other mysterious entities

      2. The spiritual transformation of the human psyche into a higher state of being (which then might be capable of transmutation as well as other marvelous powers)

          The difficulty with understanding the "magic" of Creation is that its prerequisites all have to do with the inner essence of the person himself, not external things such as wealth or fame. To attain the mystical power of Creation a person must transform himself into a new being through realization 7 of who and what he is.

          It's almost impossible for most people to realize that a higher power such as Creation is attained primarily through the enhancement of understanding which enables a person to bring new entities (conditions, things, personalities, events) into actuality.

          The power of Creation involves becoming progressively aware that other dimensions of Reality are constantly, in specific events and persons, interpenetrating ordinary reality. When we experience things which seem inexplicable to us, it's because of this intervention. We don't recognize the participation of the "higher worlds" in ordinary experience, because we assume that "reality" is merely the accustomed world of commonplace opinions.

          The power of Creation involves learning to retain in your mind the possibility of higher dimensions impinging upon the ordinary world so that your higher consciousness becomes activated. This is no mere concept or theory; it's literal participation in a higher state of consciousness. You learn it by assimilating transformative material (books, essays, and exercises) which teach you to project yourself into those higher dimensions. The distinguishing feature of Perennialist teaching material is its power to produce psychic upheaval in a prepared mind and assist that mind to ascend to a higher dimension.

    The Mystery of Who and What We Are

          We can understand creation as power if we imagine that we are, in our essence, like the image below. We actually are similar to that image in that we contain powers that we're totally unaware of. We've been programmed to call ourselves by the strange, incomprehensible name, "ascendant being." Our training has taught us to walk around with these mysterious appendages on either side of our body which seem to have no function--except to run into telephone poles.

          Now some idiot comes along talking about a bizarre teaching called the Perennial Tradition that claims that we "ascendant beings" can use the enigmatic appendages to do something called "flying." I don't know about you, but I for one am more intelligent than to be taken in by any such scam as this "flying" swindle!

          A few persons are able to credit this claim about "flying" and begin to study themselves to learn who and what they are. Through assiduous self-examination and self-re-creation, they learn to "take off," make the "leap," ascending into another dimension.

          The primary preparation is comprehending our essence, understanding what hidden, atrophied powers we possess, forgotten through neglect. This work of gaining discernment of who and what we are seems to most people like sheer metaphysical daydreaming: "I already know what kind of being I am, thank you, and no charlatan is going to con me into thinking I'm some kind of weird creature pretending to be capable of doing something called 'flying' which is clearly just a fantasy!"

    "For man is demonstrated to be an epitome of the whole mundane creation, and was generated to become wise above all terrestrial animals; being endowed, besides those powers which he commonly exerts, and by means of which he is able to contemplate the things which exist around him, with the germ of a higher faculty, which, when rightly developed and set apart, reveals the hidden Forms of manifested Being, and secrets of the Causal Fountain, identically within himself. Nor this alone; not only is man reputed able to discover the Divine Nature, but, in the forcible language of the Asclepian Dialogue, to effect It; and in this sense, namely with respect to the Catholic Reason which is latent in his life, man was once said to be the Image of God."

    Mary A. Atwood, Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy, 1850, reissued in 1960

  •       As with all Higher elements, it's difficult for most people to see the power of Creation because when present in a person, it appears to be nothing out of the ordinary. I know of a couple whose shared life most people would look at and feel it to be ordinary at best, meager at worst. This is how ordinary people would describe them:
    They have no wealth as the world counts wealth; they live on their retirement checks; they wear good clothing, but nothing truly fashionable; they don't travel abroad; they don't entertain much; they have few friends; they don't go to modish "places." All in all, they appear to be living a life of near destitution.

          This is an illustration of the Perennialist teaching: "The secret protects itself." The power of Creation, as with other transcendent powers, is virtually invisible to self-satisfied, dull-witted persons who are quite content to accept the commonplace view of life.

          In actuality, the hidden life of the couple mentioned above can be described in these terms:

    They have enormous wealth of understanding and appreciation of beauty in all its manifestations. They draw on the unlimited resources of the Higher Realm, enjoying spiritual fellowship with enlightened artists, writers, poets, philosophers, carnate and discarnate. Through the power of Creation, they've developed themselves into persons who continually increase their understanding of themselves and the universe. They're able to experience inspiration as a continuing phenomenon. They've built an outstanding relationship of love, respect, and admiration. They're able to appreciate the higher aspects of music, literature, poetry, art, and everyday life. And they continually change and improve themselves through reading, self-study, and dialectical interchange.

          As a person studies to understand who and what she is, she discovers that her essence is that of "created God," as Cusanus claimed. We've been created to be creators of ourselves and our world, to realize the full potential of the Form, Human. As the whole of creation has been created so that we might know God, we realize our Essence through comprehension and the enlightened activity of Creation. We reveal our divine origin by becoming co-creators with the Creator.

          Now, the reality created by enlightened humans is primarily, as the Perennialist teacher Jesus maintained, not of "this world," but of a Higher Domain in which the Divine reigns as the Supreme Unity (mistranslated as "kingdom of heaven"). So we won't be able to observe what has been and is being created unless we can discern supersensible realities.

          Nonetheless, the terrestrial realm is not to be misconceived or disparaged as an evil abode or the creation of some fallen divinity. It is the "garden" in which humankind as a seed is planted to realize its full potential through self-transmutation into a higher essence. This self-transformation occurs through realization of its Form.

          Contrary to the false teachings of such dogmatists as Augustine, to realize their essence, humans must be thinkers, discoverers and overcomers. As Plato taught, we attain full humanity when we seek wisdom: when we strive to become philosophers: lovers and seekers of wisdom. Seeking wisdom involves our struggling against the forces of ignorance and oppression. Later developers of natural philosophy--which came to be called "science"--understood that we must be discoverers and not mere followers of others' ideas or dogmatic systems. Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519), for example, distinguished between original discoverers and those he called imitators and commentators. To the puffed-up Scholastics, he said:

    "If I cannot cite authors, as you can, I shall nonetheless cite a much greater and worthier thing, in that I refer myself to experience, the master of your masters. You walk about swollen and pompous, dressed and adorned not by your own efforts, but by the efforts of others . . . But if you despise me, the inventor, how much more are you susceptible to censure, who are only the trumpeters and reciters of the works of others . . . Do you not know that my discoveries are to be treated more through experience than through the words of others? Just as experience was the teacher of all those who have written well, so I, too, will take it for my teacher and will cite it in all cases."

    And Now For Something Completely Different

          Let's stop to take stock of what we're doing, because reasoning at the recondite philosophical level we find ourselves, it's easy to lose touch with the deeper meaning of our endeavor. We're examining who and what we are in our essence, in the Form in which we were created. We're doing this so that we can gain the capability to create a better world by first recreating ourselves.

          As with the image above of the airplane with legs, we discover that we are beings with unknown powers which can be unlocked and activated through understanding what these powers are. We discover that we have been created as self-creators. When we discern the deeper meaning of that discovery we have unlocked the power of Creation.

    "We have made thee neither of heaven nor of earth, neither mortal nor immortal, so that with freedom and choice and with honor, as though the maker and molder of thyself, thou mayest fashion thyself in whatever shape thou shalt prefer. Thou shalt have power to degenerate into the lower forms of life which are brutish. Thou shalt have the power, out of thy soul's judgement, to be reborn into the highest forms, which are divine."

    Pico della Mirandola, Oration on the Dignity of Man

    The Perennial Tradition teaches that humans are unfinished, that we must actively participate in our evolution into a higher order of being. Our destiny is the restoration of a lost perfection. We have descended from a higher order through a primordial "fall" into a state of amnesia or sleep, forgetting who we really are. We are to strive for illumination, a transformation of human personality involving a quantum leap upward of consciousness of the same magnitude as the prehistoric development of human speech and the use of tools.

    Humans must strive for more than mere subsistence, more than improvement of social conditions. Our vocation is the progressive development of discernment so that we can hear and see higher dimensions of reality. It is as though we are a receiving apparatus which must be "tuned" to be able to apprehend intimations of a higher dimension as a television set is tuned to pick up the electronic signals that fill space. We may be totally incapable of crediting the idea that there are such "signals," ignoring the higher reality altogether. Or we may develop only the skill to pick up "black and white:" gross sensations and brutish pleasures. Through mental and spiritual discipline we may be able to discern "color": comprehend subtle allusions and refined insights that were invisible to our unprepared psyches.

    "Gradually, as the receiver becomes more complex and powerful, it draws in more refined broadcast bands and elusive wavelengths, until at last it has drawn in a vast, subtle realm of linguistic and numerical symbols: 'pure ideas' fetched like magic out of the thin air of the mind's own cogitation. At each stage along the way, the receiver, pressing forward into the perceptual margins of its powers, finds its way to meanings, whether crude or refined, that were 'there' in a dimension of existence that could not come through until the mind was ready to tune them in. This, perhaps, is the sense behind Plato's realm of Ideas: the feeling that the human mind, under persistent pressure of the dialectical process, grows into ever more subtle noetic experiences, and at last into ecstatic insights that must always have been there waiting to be discovered."

    Theodore Roszak. The Unfinished Animal


    1 Distortions of the meanings of terms in all languages is rampant, resulting in people losing comprehension of vital, essential words, concepts, and realities. At present, "truth," for example, is being misdefined as "whatever lies can be communicated without the recipient reacting so as to cause harm to the initiator."

  • By changing the meaning of words like "values," "government," "liberal"; "faith," and "freedom," conservatives have shifted the political center of gravity of the language itself to the right. See the book by Geoffrey Nunberg Talking Right
  • Lying Is Now A Primary Way Of Life

    2 Of course, some changes in the meanings of words are positive in nature. For example, in the 2,792 page 1936 edition of the Century Dictionary, the word "nigger" was defined simply as "a negro, any member of a dark-skinned race." In today's dictionaries, the first meaning is: "negro: usually meant to be offensive."

    3 Stress is force per unit area; energy is force times distance; energy is stress times volume

    4 Certain words are capitalized to indicate that they refer to Essences in the supersensible, eternal, changeless realm.

    5 A dead lift is the lifting of a dead or inactive body, which must be done by sheer force. It is related to, somewhat opposite to the idea of dead weight: The weight of something without life; a burden that does nothing towards easing its own weight; a person who encumbers us and renders no assistance.

    "It is just by determination and faith that you accomplish the first dead lift. That manifestation with yourself and by yourself, you must get before you will gain any response. That is what people do not realize. They don't put any strength into it, and when it will not work at once, they go the other way. You must get that strength for yourself."
    Betty White, The Betty Book

    6 Transformation: change in composition, structure, or essence; transmutation

    7 Realization: a form of creation, making real, understanding who and what an entity is, bringing into actualization

    The Higher Consciousness is actually our identity, so self-transformation involves realizing this union with the Higher Self. The Higher Consciousness is already active but in a subliminal state.