In this essay, we study how to achieve Henosis: a uniting with the Divine, so as to attain a state of creative partnership with the Divine, sharing in the supersensible activity of maintaining and developing the Supersensible Plenum: Reality and the Cosmic Order.

  Having achieved Henosis, we feel Oneness, Harmony, and Unity with Higher Beings and previously existent, discarnate humans participating in the Work of the Supersensible Plenum. We achieve henosis through the practice of theurgy: from Greek theo: divine; urgia: work, Divine Work.

  In this essay we will use the theurgic image below to gain a sense of Henosis:
  • The various persons seated around the table represent supersensible beings, carnate beings, and previously-carnate beings carrying out Divine Work.

  • These beings are receiving an infusion of Energy and Inspiration from the Divine (represented by the blue energy down-flow coming from above into the table and then into each participant).

           Spiritual and psychic energy flows from the Supersensible Plenum into all those participating in its Work.

       Focus your attention on the image to the left, noting the various persons seated around the circular table and the large cone of energy descending into the table and then dispersed to each individual at the table. Imagine yourself as one of those seated around the table, in psychic connection with the others, and receiving the energy flowing down through the cone and into the table and the other participants.

      The "mind-exertion" which is the essence of this essay involves our actually joining the "harmonized collectivity of consciousnesses" in their Eternal Work, engaging in dialectical interchange with this collectivity, discerning the Essence of their Work, gaining understanding of their goals, their principles and criteria of their reasoning, their decisions, and their actions; partaking of the Life Eternal and the higher powers of the heavenly ones," as Iamblicus describes it.

      We learn to join in the Work of the Divine Harmonized Collectivity of Consciousness by gaining increasing discernment of their Essence, which is Goodness. Thus, in dialectical interchange with the harmonized collectivity of consciousness--the Divine--we understand that their work always involves bringing into reality in general and bringing into reality in an individual's life-experience, that which is ideal, most in allignment with Divine Forms or Prototypes, that which results in or evinces the most good (Perfection) for all persons involved. We have the Divine Privilege of dialectically interchanging by suggesting what appears to us to be ideal, perfect, most conducive to Goodness for All Creation.

      The culmination of Henosis is partaking of the Life Eternal and the Higher Power of Creation: we become co-creators of our own lives--our lives become our Greatest Work, (our Magnum Opus).