Evolving Supra-Awareness in Perennialist Savants

      Perennialists are a race of spiritual voyagers, dwelling invisibly among humankind, who evolve to the point of achieving Super-Consciousness, making it possible for them to deliberately and actively return to the divine Fount of Reality.

      They have attained union with the One Quintessence and instruct genuine seekers in these Mysteries. Because of this, they have a unique importance for the evolution of the human race in revealing humankind's full potential and disclosing how this potential can be realized.

"May not you and I be confluent in a higher consciousness, and confluently active there, though we now know it not? We finite minds may simultaneously be co-conscious with one another in a super-human intelligence."

William James A Pluralistic Universe

The Currently Emerging Stage in Human Evolution: Supra-Humans

  Though ordinary humans are rapidly losing the ability to understand reality, a small contemporary group is accessing supernormal knowledge through portals to Higher Consciousness. They are making knowledge available about what is actually going on in the world--beyond the demonic cabal's media lies about what is going on.
  And, of critical importance, they are preserving higher knowledge in books and Web sites which will be available when conditions have degenerated to the point where a rudely awakened mass of people will suddenly say: "How can we get out of this intolerable situation? What knowledge do we need to re-build a sane and progressive world?"
  Humankind's spiritual--and physical--evolution has been guided by Perennialist seers such as Hermes, Plato, Jesus, Rumi, Francis of Assisi, and Shakespeare, and continues to be inspired and directed by contemporary Perennialist teachers.

      Perennialist Supra-Humans are not just superficially different in degree from ordinary humans; they are a different "type" altogether. They represent a distinct higher level of being within the Man (Homo) genus and the Intelligent Man (Homo Sapiens) species--the new evolutionary strain that is now emerging.

      If you're to study this essay effectively, you'll need to:   Unless you've achieved at least level 1
--metaphysical consciousness--this essay will likely be a waste of time for you.

      If you've read other essays on this Website, you may not have been aware that a number of previous essays explicate supra-normal powers that are constituents of Super-Consciousness.

The Nature and Powers of Perennialist Super-Consciousness

Powers of Super-Consciousness (selected):

1. Intellectual Understanding:

2. Interconnectivity and communication: 3. Creativity:

      We'll concentrate in this essay on the two aspects of Super-Consciousness that have not as yet been explored and explicated--those topics in gold text above:

  1. Realization of Higher Culture

  2. Aggregation and application of sexual energy in psychic and spiritual work

      Super-Consciousness is requisite for these two phenomena to be discerned and realized. That is, they cannot be "seen" to have being unless a person has achieved Super-Consciousness and they only come into being through the creative effort of Perennialists with Higher Consciousness.

Higher Culture

      When we refer to "Higher Culture" we're speaking of what the Perennialist teacher Hujwiri called "elite culture."

"There are three forms of culture: worldly culture, the mere acquisition of information; religious culture, following rules; elite culture, self-development."

Hujwiri, Revelation of the Veiled

     Perennialists with Super-Consciousness maintain their being in a Higher Culture, both on the terrestrial and supersensible levels, carrying out these activities:
  • Realizing the Higher Culture

  • Engaging in humane civility

  • Practicing moral self-discipline

  • Creating Perennialist art

  • Rediscovering and preserving human wealth

  • Developing an autonomous self that is able to think and act on its own initiative

  • Seeing through the current social myths and diversions

  • Understanding the necessity of life-long self-education and self-transformation

  • Developing genuine feelings of compassion and regard for one's fellow human beings

  • Recognizing the necessity of social action, including discerning what the social situation requires and creating a program to realize social reform.

"The first application of wisdom is to accept opposition so in its entirety, so completely, that thereafter not one speck of attention power is ever wasted on it, except for the intellectual appraisement of its strength and the planning for control of its effect.

"One of the most fundamental things about all the obstructive refuse you have to contend with, is that it has released its relationship with the ultimate source of life, and is cooling off and dying of decomposition. 4   Once you realize and understand this, thoroughly, you will never be tempted to lose hope and give in. For with this engraved on your mind, it is impossible to entertain personal antagonism: you know too well the reason for things being the way they are. And once above personal antagonism, and aware of your own free power of relationship with the source, you find the way cleared for the bringing in of the fresh, healthy, over-laying material."

Stewart Edward White and Betty White, Across the Unknown

      Perennialists act in the Higher Culture on the super-conscious level to both create and learn from:

"Civilizations can only be understood by those who are civilized."

Alfred North Whitehead

      Humans are energy transformers; we are alive and developing in proportion to how much of the universal energy we accept and how freely it flows through us. The better we transmit this energy or allow it to flow through us, the higher grade we occupy; the more alive and contented and effective we become.

      The energy waves from the One Quintessence sustain us and are manifested in our separate frequency transmission. Our individual essence maintains itself by passing Higher Energy pulsations through it. The instant when the Higher Energy flows through us is our moment of absolute unity with divinity: Super-Consciousness.

That Light whose smile kindles the Universe,
That Beauty in which all things work and move,
That Benediction which the eclipsing Curse
Of birth can quench not, that sustaining Love
Which through the web of being blindly wove
By man and beast and earth and air and sea,
Burns bright or dim, as each are mirrors of
The fire for which all thirst; now beams on me,
Consuming the last clouds of cold mortality.

Percy Bysshe Shelley


1 The new language of inspiration is composed not only of words but also of new forms of interpersonal interchange and interaction, symbols, images, sounds, and processes, all of which have the potential to convey deep meaning. The utilization of this language occurs ubiquitously in the everyday life of a Perennialist teacher or initiate. In special contexts such as dialectical interchange, this becomes the actual language "spoken:" uttered, written, or participated in.

2 Communication between two persons without recourse to the senses. The word "telepathy" was formulated in 1882 by Frederic William Henry Myers, English poet, essayist, and a leading founder of the Society for Psychical Research in London. Knowledge conveyed from one individual to another without means of the five senses

3 In the Perennial Tradition, the terrestrial and spiritual Enterprise of providing specialized training in the transformation of the human essence into Higher Consciousness is designated by several different terms. In alchemical writings, it is referred to as the "Great Work," and in other occult systems it is termed theurgy, which means "The Science or Art of Divine Works," the Telestic Work, or the Perfecting Work. In the Sufi embodiment of the Perennial Tradition, the Arabic word amal (work, action, operation) is used to refer to the transformative effort. The entire Perennialist Enterprise is termed "the Work," while the responsibilities of specific initiates (beginning students) is called their individual "work."

4 "Whatever loses its goodness ceases to be. Thus wicked men cease to be what they were; but the appearance of their human bodies, which they keep, shows that they once were men. To give oneself to evil, therefore, is to lose one's human nature. Just as virtue can raise a person above human nature, so vice lowers those whom it has seduced from the condition of men beneath human nature. For this reason, anyone whom you find transformed by vice cannot be counted a man.

"Although vicious men keep the appearance of their human bodies, they are nevertheless changed into beasts as far as the character of their souls is concerned."

Boethius, the Emboldenment of Philosophy