Activating Spiritual Sense Organs and Potencies
Activating Spiritual Sense Organs and Potencies
Activating Spiritual Sense Organs and Potencies

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"Each of us occupies not only the physical body we see, but a second or spiritual body. This latter will continue to contain us after physical death. Though imperceptible to our ordinary senses, the spiritual body is no vague wraith of insubstantial shadow. It is perfectly real, made of definite substance, and will function in a world that corresponds to it. That world also is of definite substance."

Betty White and Stewart Edward White, Across the Unknown, 1939

Metaphysical Amphibians 1
  Advanced humans are metaphysical amphibians, in that they have their being in two disparate realms simultaneously, both the supersensible realm and the terrestrial realm. And humans are amphibians in that they can undergo metamorphosis, a total change of essence or being, dying to one state of being and achieving rebirth in a totally different, and more advanced, state of being, with new organs and powers of awareness and activity.

  Humans are supersensible beings who are "born" into the terrestrial realm to achieve specific purposes ordained by the Creator.
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"The end for which man was created was to achieve communion with the Higher Beings above the terrestrial realm, through the light and spirit of the Divine, the wings of the soul. That ought to be man's aim in the acquisition of knowledge."

Plato, Theatetus

"There is another ultimate underlying potency of the soul which is superior to the whole realm of nature and generated existence. Through it we are enabled to attain communion with Higher Beings, of being transported beyond the scenes and arrangements of this world, and of partaking of the Life Eternal and the higher powers of the heavenly ones."

Iamblicus (250-325 CE), The Egyptian Mysteries

  Plato and Iamblicus are telling us that the purpose of human existence is to provide the opportunity for us to attain the ability to locate our consciousness in both the terrestrial and the supersensible realms, learning to commune (engage in dialectical interchange) with and learn from Higher Beings.

  Socrates was one of the first historic figures to teach about leaving the physical body and living in the soul. In the Phaedo, Socrates (Plato) reveals the secret nature of philosophia.

"I hold that the true votary of philosophy [the search for wisdom] is likely to be misunderstood by other men; they do not perceive that his whole practice is of death and dying. . . . When the soul exists in herself, and is released from the body and the body is released from the soul--death, surely, is nothing else than this. . . . In matters of this sort philosophers, above all other men, may be observed in every sort of way to dissever the soul from its communion with the body. . . .
When does the soul attain truth? . . . Must not true existence be revealed to her in contemplation, if at all? . . . And contemplation is best when the mind is gathered into herself and none of these things trouble her--neither sounds nor sights nor pain nor any pleasure--when she takes leave of the body, and has as little as possible to do with it, when she has no bodily sense or desire, but is aspiring after true being. . . .
If we would have pure knowledge of anything we must be quit of the body--the soul in herself must behold things in themselves; and then we shall attain the wisdom which we desire, and of which we say that we are lovers. . . .
True philosophers. . . are always occupied in the practice of dying. . . ."

"Do not expect immediately to see and hear in the world of soul and spirit, for all that you are doing does but contribute to the development of your higher senses, and you will only be able to hear with soul and spirit when you possess these higher senses...

"By concentration [contemplation] and meditation the student works upon his soul and develops within it the soul-organs of perception. While thus applying himself to the task of concentration and meditation [the consciounses of] his soul grows within his body, just as the embryo child grows in the body of the mother.

The initiate is "in a position to carry over his awakened higher `[awareness of his] soul into waking consciousness as well. The acquisition of this faculty will enable him to perceive the spiritual world in its own character, among and within the experiences of the day; that is, the hidden secrets of his environment will be conveyed to his soul. . .

"The soul lives in uninterrupted activity in the higher worlds, even gathering from them the impulse to act upon the physical body. Ordinarily unconscious of his higher life, the advanced student renders himself conscious of it, and thereby his whole life becomes transformed. As long as the soul remains unseeing in the higher sense it is guided by superior cosmic beings.

"Now a new era is to begin, in which thy liberated powers must be applied to further work in the world of the senses. Hitherto thou hast sought only thine own release, but now, having thyself become free, thou canst go forth as a liberator of thy fellows. Until today thou hast striven as an individual, but now seek to coordinate thyself with the whole, so that thou mayst bring into the supersensible world not thyself alone, but all things else existing in the world of the senses. . . Ye all did perforce descend into the sense-world to gather powers needed for a higher world. To separate thyself from thy fellows would mean to abuse those very powers which thou couldst not have developed save in their company. . ."

Rudolf Steiner, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, 1904

Partaking of the Life Eternal

  We don't understand fully a state of being until we experience a different state of being and can then compare and contrast the latter to the former. We can only fully comprehend--and appreciate--our supersensible state of being when we have experienced a different, terrestrial state of being, and can then compare and contrast the two states of being. This is one of the reasons why, as eternal, supersensible beings we are born into terrestrial, earthly life.

"It's almost like we wanted to experience what we're not so we can embrace what we truly are."
Jeff Olsen speaking of his near-death experience

"Go into a meditation with the desire to love God alone. Don't go into meditation thinking God's a Santa Clause. . . It's whom you love that defines you. . . It only takes a very small amount of people to change the world. Those who believe will make it happen."

Near-death experiences of Bill McDonald

The Nature of Consciousness, with Alan Hugenot

"Once I came into this world because, being what I was, I needed the life it provided to acquire qualities unattainable in any other world. And I must remain bound to this world until I have developed within myself everything that can here be gained. I shall some day become a useful collaborator in another world only by acquiring all the requisite faculties in this physical world."

Rudolph Steiner, Knowledge Of the Higher Worlds

  Most humans are unaware that they are metaphysical amphibians: have their being in two disparate realms simultaneously. We ordinarily see ourselve exclusively as mortal beings in the terrestrial world, and are almost, if not totally, unaware that we have our Higher Being in the supersensible realm. It is as though we are airplanes, but we see ourselves as horse-drawn carriages, or automobiles with something strange attached that people call wings.

"Let us compare a horse-carriage with an aeroplane. An aeroplane has many possibilities that an ordinary carriage does not have, but at the same time an aeroplane can be used as an ordinary carriage. It would be very clumsy and inconvenient and very expensive, but you can attach two horses to it and travel in an aeroplane by road. Suppose the man who has this aeroplane does not know that it has an engine and can move by itself and suppose he learns about the engine--then he can dispense with the horses and use it as a motor car. But it will still be too clumsy. Suppose that the man studies this machine and discovers that it can fly. Certainly it will have many advantages which he missed when he used the aeroplane as a carriage. That is what we are doing with ourselves; we use ourselves as a carriage, when we could fly." 2

  Plotinus taught that the soul need not regret her contact with matter and body if she does not allow herself to become totally enmeshed in carnal existence. It is a part of the divine order that humans come to dwell in mortal bodies, just as a seed must be buried in the ground. The soul descends into the terrestrial realm to become germinated, quickened, so she may experience a new birth, a resurrection of her latent faculties at a higher level of capability.

  One of the main purposes of terrestrial existence is to experience mortal (terrestrial) and eternal (supersensible) being simultaneously and choose to "die"--free onself from total identification with mortal existence--and attain rebirth into--realization and cognizance of-- eternal, supersensible being.

"Humans cannot even apprehend or comprehend the commonwealth of God without dying to the earthly life and achieving rebirth in the supersensible realm."

The Perennialist teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, The Good News According to John

   In his dialogue The Sophist, Plato asserts that we have bodily existence in the realm of generation or change and we have supersensible being in our soul. We gain understanding of both these realms through dialectical comprehension of Forms. The altered state of consciousness we enter when engaging in dialectical interchange can be active at the same time as our "ordinary" consciousness. Through dialectic, we contemplate Forms in the supersensible realm, which always retain the same essence, whereas entities in the realm of generation or becoming vary and change. The domain of Forms is the realm of True Being.

Opening the Senses and Potencies of the Soul

  In this essay/meditation we are exploring the essential elements of a "method of arousing and stimulating and strengthening spiritual faculties [and potencies] dormant through generations of neglect." 3

  We title this essay/meditation "Activating Spiritual Sense Organs and Potencies" because we do not create new senses or powers, but arouse and stimulate already existing, but dormant, spiritual sense organs and spiritual faculties and potencies.

  The type of potencies we are referring to can best be illustrated through these examples:
  • "There exists in you, indefinitely developable, an engine of power, dynamically creative, capable of impressing and molding your material world according as you give out from your inner being its creative force."

  • "It is like some supreme stimulation of each thing up to the limits of its perfection within its laws. It is an ordering magic. Applied to a jumble of disarranged, ill-functioning, perverted life of any kind, passing over it, magically orders it."

  • "At first I just stand tiptoe and look ahead at my objective, which is creative harmony. Then I busy myself generating a great and composed secure determination, quite different from nervous will-power. It is a great confident recognition of my ability to achieve my objective. Only I work very hard at the generating; as if I actually produced warmth, or as if I actually made light, where it was dark, in order to see the way. This inner generation steps up human life as definitely as electrical potentials are increased. I now actually throw out from my confidence and clarity of aim everything that I have in me of warming and magnetizing progressive life power--I actually work at producing that around myself, until the flow of it reaches further and further. It is like a blanketing of my entire problem with this harmonizing determination which I somehow spin out of my being."

"A developed person, even a developing one, who has come into some recognition of this high creative power expanding within him, has the opportunity of utilizing it over the most commonplace episodes of daily life. It works very much like water let loose on parched ground. Not too great a volume of water at first, but the life-giving spirit of it creeping and seeping, everywhere supplying the quickening element that releases the fertility stored in the dusty brown earth. It is just this gentle distribution around you of the spiritual heart force, as you feel its expansion within you, that will teach you the actuality of spiritual faculties. It is not a directed irrigation like so-called mental treatment; it is more the rising stream finding its level in the open places among natural encouragements and resistances."

Betty White and Stewart Edward White, Across the Unknown, 1939

  As this last idea expressed by the Whites indicates, one of the ways we become certain that we have spiritual faculties which we can activate is to realize our spiritual potencies or powers.

  We must be clear that the "activation of spiritual senses and potencies" is similar to attaining "inspiration through communion with Higher Powers," in that they both involve human effort and attainment. However, Iamblicus makes it clear that a completely different kind of experience---divine imparting of knowledge or power from Higher Powers--is not entirely a human attainment but somewhat a divine "gift."

"For the matter of divine afflatus [a divine imparting of knowledge or power] is in no sense a human attainment, nor has it an origin in human organs and energies. On the contrary, these are subordinate, and the Divinity employs them as instruments. Neither the soul nor the body of the individual has the least agency in the matter, for the divinity exercises the whole function of afflatus through himself, ...with no intermingling of anything extraneous, he works according to his own nature."

Iamblicus (250-325 CE), Theurgia

  Activating the senses and potencies of our spiritual body IS, in part, a human attainment; it is something that we can contribute to and work to achieve.

  A first step is to meditate on and contemplate this Truth until it becomes a firm, unquestionable conviction: "I am a bipartite person who possesses earthly existence and supersensible being simultaneously. I am learning how to activate my spiritual sense organs and potencies and to de-emphasize my physical sensations and mental thoughts, concentrating my awareness on my supersensible being as I learn how to commune with Higher Beings in the supersensible realm."

  The elements and underlying assumptions of this Truth must be contemplated in terms of how extraordinary their claims are, in contrast to "ordinary" ideas about everyday reality. You can, and are intent on learning how to, Live in the supersensible realm, the realm of your soul. You have a spiritual body and are learning to actually activate the sense organs of this spiritual body and its potencies. As you de-emphasize your earthly life you are learning to concentrate on and identify more with your supersensible, spiritual being. You are learning how to commune with Higher Beings in the supersensible realm.

  The bipartite human realizes that her soul lives in uninterrupted activity in the supersensible realm but that she is ordinarily unconscious of this higher life because she identifies only with her physical existence. When she becomes a student of esoteric Perennialism, she attempts to attain apprehension and comprehension of this supersensible element of her being. As she activates the potencies of her soul, her whole life becomes transformed, as the life of a person born blind is changed, when the person undergoes a successful operation to activate her sight.

  Students of Perennialist esotericism become progressively aware that what their senses perceive is only part of their total reality, and it is in the supersensible world that the beings dwell who express themselves in the elements (persons, objects, events) of the physical world. The realities of this physical world are by no means only what they appear to be through physical perception. They are the manifestations of a spiritual world. We must learn to live and act in our spiritual being in order to transmit revelations into our physical world. We transform the earth by implanting in it what we gain awareness of in the spiritual world through communing with Higher Beings. That is our task: to bring to the realm of mortal existence what we discover in the supersensible commonwealth of the Divine.

"By concentration and meditation the student works upon his soul and develops within it the soul-organs of perception. The goal is to be able to perceive manifestations from the spiritual [supersensible] world which do not find their expression in sounds perceptible to the physical ear. The perception of the 'inner word' awakens. Gradually truths reveal themselves to the student from the spiritual [supersensible] world. He hears speech [communication] uttered [transmitted] to him in a spiritual [supersensible] way. Only to those who, by selfless listening, train themselves to be really receptive from within, in stillness, unmoved by personal opinion or feeling, only to such can the higher beings speak of whom spiritual science tells us."

Rudolf Steiner, Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, 1904

Our Goal

  We are attempting to achieve contact with and learn from Higher Beings and to contemplate Divine Forms, through activating the senses and potencies of our spiritual body.

  What Higher Beings appear to desire from these mutual efforts is "trained intelligent co-operation" on our part. They appear to be attempting to help us become fitted for an introduction into the realities of another consciousness--that of these invisible intelligences. We are "to go to them," instead of their coming to us. They appear to have a system of introducing actions, procedures, ideas and knowledge in a manner that helps make elelments clear to us as they progress. Basic concepts are to be added to our knowledge and understanding, new perceptions and modes of perception are to be developed in us. In a word, our "equipment" is to be expanded. It is described as a "lessening of density," a "change of specific gravity."

  Our goal is first and foremost DEVELOPMENT: the proven activation of spiritual organs and potencies. Our goal is not knowledge or understanding only, not merely recognizing certain new ideas as truth, but actively applying everything we learn to change the substance of ourselves.

  This is why this meditation/essay provides a number of audio recordings which involve doing something active--listening to and meditating on actions which we are taking to activate our spiritual organs and potencies.

  Higher Beings can expand our vision, they can give us the impetus, but then they must leave us to manifest or retrogress. They anxiously watch the seed, yearningly strive to continue the stimulation. But they are not permitted to carry the growth itself. That is in our hands. Truth MUST manifest itself in action. No step ahead can ever be taken until the fulfillment and activation of what is revealed. Revelation MUST be manifested in our lives before more can be given from their side. As we experiment with the actions we know to carry out, we gain in solid reality the activation of our spiritual organs and potencies.


  1. Relax physically: let go absolutely, as though you are falling through space. After relaxing absolutely, hold the condition as long as possible; but as soon as it becomes a strained condition of mind, abandon the effort and start over again. By degrees you can hold it longer and longer.
  2. Thrust out the busy thoughts of the world you live in
  3. With a genuine intense desire, strive for wide-hearted receptivity to the great ocean of spiritual influence surrounding you
  4. Reach out in harmony with spiritual forces about you to listen to and speak with Higher Beings in the spiritual world
  5. "The thing to strive for is a subtle combination of relaxation and a certain subconscious will power or determination. Keep in mind subconsciously all your faculties, but empty the foreground of your mind. The passivity is not that of the spirit but is entirely physical and intellectual. Maintain yourself forcefully, NOT TO COMBAT BUT TO HAVE STRENGTH TO RECEIVE. What you contribute of spiritual readiness measures the strength you gain by contact." 3
  6. Consciously reach out for spiritual contact, the absorption into your heart of the reality of the supersensible realm. Create in yourself a genuine, yearning aspiration, not an intellectual curiosity. It is humble but unwavering, not an arrogant demand. IT IS NOT SO MUCH THE ENERGY OF DEMAND AS THE SHOWING OF A FORCE THAT CALLS ITS COMPLEMENT.
  7. HABITUAL consciousness of the spiritual association must be gained; HABITUAL living in wide heartedness, receptiveness, must be compassed; HABITUAL appreciation of the necessity for, and hence living desire for, this spiritual contact must become normal. When it becomes a mode of life, then we have gained the thing constant in ourselves.

  The moment we succeed, however feebly, in gaining spiritual awareness or contact, a kind of chemical action takes place; we are getting results of some sort, growth has begun.

Meditation On Communing With Higher Beings

1. Would a "Higher Being" such as Plato actually be willing to communicate with me?
2. Why would a "Higher Being" such as Plato be willing to communicate with me?
3. Are "Higher Beings" attempting to communicate with me, and I am simply not capable of "hearing" what they are communicating?
4. Master Plato, please help me to learn how to communicate with you and/or other "Higher Beings."
5. Some "Higher Beings" are most likely "assigned" (by Divine Order) to help select (qualified) humans learn how to commune with "Higher Beings."
6. There must be a "Higher Being" who is "assigned" to help me to learn how to commune with "Higher Beings."
7. I am attempting to "listen" to this "Higher Being" to learn how to commune with "Higher Beings."

Out of Physical Body Means In the Spiritual Body

"Philosophy is actually the release of the soul from the body--which in the philosophers' special language is called death. Achieving release from the body, the soul communes with Beauty, Goodness, and Justice in the higher realm of Divine Essences."

Plato, Phaedo

Meditations on Moving Into Higher Frequency Environments and
Locating Our Consciousenes In a Higher Frequency Body

Your thoughts create--manifest--your reality.
You can become a powerful spiritual being who can create any reality you choose.
Most physical beings possess little control over their thoughts.
You can create your own reality when you take control of your thoughts in the physical and spiritual worlds.
The only way to know and understand something absolutely is to experience it for ourselves.
Humans are a species that use bodies as vehicles of exploration and evolution.
Everyone leaves their body when they fall asleep; they hover out of sync with their body.
The entire universe, physical and nonphysical, is a training school for developing souls.
All environments are a form of energy, and all energy is thought-responsive to some degree.
As you move into non-physical realms you are in a thought-responsive reality.
You must own your power. If you don't own it, someone else will.
It's up to you to take control of your state of consciousness and to learn how to empower yourself.
You are evolving beyond the physical realm.
You are empowering yourself through out-of-physical-body and in-the-spiritual-body exploration.
You can re-program your subconscious mind to accept your new capability of out-of-physical body/in-the-spiritual-body exploration.
We work to achieve the ability to experience not just alternate realities, but Higher Realities.
You are saturating your mind with your intentions because intentions are the engine of out-of-physical-body/in-the-spiritual-body exploration.
Our personal evolution largely depends on the way we focus, control, and direct our thought-energy.
Each physical object around us exists as a multiple-frequency object. Everything around us also exists in a parallel, nonphysical dimension of the universe. Although our eyes see only the dense molecular result of energy, matter continues in a continuum of nonphysical energy beyond our sight. Each form is independent of the physical yet is interconnected by its internal frequency, just as particles of light and waves of light are interconnected as a single unit of energy.
Matter exists as a continuum of energy extending far beyond the crude limits of our physical vision.
A consensus environment is any environment or reality that is created and maintained by the thoughts of a group of individuals. For example, the heavens of each religious group are created by the thoughts and beliefs of their respective inhabitants. Like all realities, the consensus environments are molded by the group consciousness.
The traditional view of our possessing two bodies--a physical body and a spiritual body--is far too simplistic; we are much more complex than this. Just as there are multiple nonphysical energy dimensions within the universe, each of us must consist of multiple energy-bodies or vehicles of expression.
We, who don't know what we are, why we're here, or even where we go, consider ourselves the dominant, intelligent rulers of the world. It's truly ironic just how deceived we are.
In nonphysical, higher-frequency environments, we communicate through images entering our minds. These images are visual representations of ideas--not words. The communication is far more direct and precise than vocalized words.
We have several different Higher Beings assisting us in different aspects of our lives; each person assisting us is a specialist in a given area of existence and being.
A higher soul-aspect of ourselves orchestrates our experiences in a manner that's appropriate for our current understanding.
Many of the forms we see when out-of-body are created for our personal benefit, so we can work to discern the meaning within the forms.
All entities within our experience are multidimensional, simultaneously existing in different energy frequencies of the universe.
Yet all these energy dimensions coexist in the same time and space.
The nonphysical body is not a body at all in the sense of a physical organism, but a highly sophisticated energy system that responds to our thoughts, aspiration, and intentions.
Soul or pure consciousness is without form but can, and does, use various shapes and forms of energy for its purposes.
Matter is the dense outermost result of a magnificent chain of events occurring just beyond our physical vision.
Reality is relative to the vibrational density of the observer.
Just as light exists as both a particle and a wave at the same instant in time, so all physical objects exist simultaneously as dense molecular forms and nonphysical-energy forms.
Einstein's famous equation E = MC2 tells us that matter is nothing more than a form of energy--in a sense, stored energy temporarily molded to construct the physical objects around us.
Our universe is a multidimensional continuum of interconnected energy.
The energy tunnel commonly observed during a near-death experience is actually a highly organized temporary opening or rift in the nonphysical energy membrane and appears to open automatically to allow life-forms to pass through.
All energy dimensions exist here and now. All energy dimensions exist within the same time-space as the visible universe. The seen and unseen universe is a continuum of energy frequencies. Each dimension exists independently according to its individual frequency, yet they are all linked by the flow of nonphysical energy. Each dimension of energy is interconnected with its energy neighbors to form a complete system--the multidimensional universe.
The closest physical concept that describes the structure of the universe is degree of density. Each dimension encountered after we shed the physical body is progressively less dense in its vibrational substance.
The universe is a multidimensional continuum of energy emanating from a nonphysical source.
It is best to classify nonphysical environments by the way each responds to focused thought-energy.
In thought-responsive nonphysical dimensions, our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious, immediately begin to interact with and restructure the subtle energy around us.
One of the ways we achieve consciousness of our Higher Self or soul is through experiencing ecstasy: a state of overwhelming emotion, especially rapturous delight and pleasure, transport, mystic or prophetic trance.
We can achieve partial consciousness of our soul (Higher Self) through extraneous means (drugs, sexual ecstasy, chanting, dancing, etc.) but then we must work to attain the capability of achieving complete soul consciousness through our own personal efforts.
Countless environments and realities exist within each individual dimension of the universe. Each dimension and environment consists of specific frequencies or wavelengths of nonphysical energy. In addition, each nonphysical dimension and environment appears to be the direct result of thought.
Consciousness exists at a much higher frequency or wavelength than matter and must interact with biological forms by the use of unseen vehicles of form which transfer and step down the higher frequency of consciousness into the relatively dense physical body.
Consciousness is a continuum of nonphysical energy extending its awareness through multiple frequencies (dimensions) of the universe.
The growing recognition of the frequency-like nature of elemental particles is a necessary step on the evolutionary path toward science's ultimate discovery of the multi-dimensional structure of matter and the universe itself.
The traditional scientific method and its dependence upon physical technology will eventually evolve into a cooperative merger of physical and non-physical research techniques. In the twenty-first century, the interaction between physical technology and human consciousness will become a science in and of itself.
Evolution is the progressive development of conscious energy (soul) through the use of temporary physical and supersensible vehicles of development and expression.

"All higher dimensions employ direct thought transmission and also use various forms of symbolic intelligence. Only in the third dimension do we have vocal speech and depend upon words to convey meaning. This is the main reason that communication is so difficult in this dimension and deception is so easy.

"In higher dimensions, everything radiates its own nature. You know it, by becoming it. You pass over to the standpoint of the other and know it as it knows itself - from the inside-out. Knowing by becoming permits deep and rapid communication. Unlike the third dimension, in the higher dimensions everything is illuminated by an inner light that is a direct expression of its spiritual frequency. There is no reflected light from an external source such as a sun or moon. The inner light is modulated by the entity's individuality, which expresses as a distinctive array of sound and color [and energy]."

Leland Kaiser, "Self-Transcendence"

1. "I am completely relaxing, physically and mentally."
2. "I am allowing myself to entirely let go of awareness of my physical body."
3. "Please help me learn how to achieve consciousness of my Soul."
4. "I am becoming aware of having my consciousness in my spiritual body and my spiritual senses becoming active."
5. "I request help to leave my body. Please help me to attain consciousness in my soul, out of my physical body."
6. "I am moving my consciousness into my spiritual body so I can commune with and learn from Higher Beings. I am floating or leaping out of my body."
7. "I have my consciousness in my Soul Body."

"Only by collecting a group of your dearest, going forth with your heart among them, cementing, as it were, a collective entity, and continually enlarging it, putting forth the substance among you, can you start toward comprehension of the Universal Consciousness."

Betty White, Across The Unknown

(As is the case with all his essays/meditations on this site 5, the author is transmitting to the reader, through psychic transmission, a specific "message." If you (the reader) feel that you have "received" this message, you can email the author to indicate what you have received.)

1 Amphibios, which means "both kinds of life", amphi meaning "of both kinds" and bios meaning "life". The term was initially used as a general adjective for animals that could live on land or in water.

2 P. D. Ouspensky, The Fourth Way, 1957

3 Betty White and Stewart Edward White, The Betty Book, 1939

4 Some of these ideas come from William Buhlman, Adventures Beyond The Body

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