Living In The Divine Sovereignty of Altruistic Harmony

"I should say it [the Higher Life] was the perfect ordering of all elements, an exquisite joy of participating in harmony. My own little joy of life is welded to that of every other harmonized being. I've forgotten my individual part. I'm in a great chorus."

Betty White, Across the Unknown, 1937

   In a previous essay, we examined Bellamy's novel, Looking Backward, as an archetype of human society, studying how Perennialist classics, such as Plato's Commonwealth, provide a pattern with which to improve human life. In this essay we're examining how humans can learn to live in (have their conscious awareness in) the Divine Sovereingty of Altruistic Harmony, thereby gaining understanding of the Higher Domain's Forms, and thus bring these essences into realization in the terrestrial realm.

    The Perennial Tradition, in one aspect, is work toward the achievement of communion with Higher Beings in a Higher Realm and learning to live in that Divine Sovereignty of Altruistic Harmony

    Our work toward learning how to reawaken dormant organs of perception results in a higher state of consciousness. This higher consciousness enables the seeker to discern that what we take to be reality is actually a kind of illusion and that there is a higher dimension of being--a Higher World. This state of higher discernment has been called wisdom and the teaching of the attainment of this state, philosophy: the quest for and love of wisdom.
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(Click on image for explanation.)     We have our primordial being in the One Quintessence in the Supersensible Realm. During the brief time that we experience Terrestrial Existence, most of us become totally "entranced" with and identified with our earthly bodily existence. The vast majority of us, through conditioning, through social influences (family, religion, education, TV) become in our essence nothing but egomaniacs: demented entities possessed by our egos, living only for ourselves, obsessed with mind-destroying activities and pleasures, capable of no genuine feelings for others, uninterested in learning, understanding, or developing to a higher state.

Sovereignty: Supremacy of authority or rule as exercised by a sovereign

Altruism: Unselfish concern for the welfare of others, benevolence, magnanimity, humanitarianism, unselfishness, beneficence, charitableness, greatheartedness

Harmony: accord, understanding, peace, agreement, friendship, unity, sympathy, consensus, cooperation, goodwill, rapport, compatibility, concord, amity, amicability

The state of persons living in the Divine Sovereignty of Altruistic Harmony is one of:
  • Eudaimonia: the highest state of human good
  • Ecstasy:
    1. Intense joy or delight
    2. A state of emotion so intense that one
      is carried beyond rational thought
    3. The trance or rapture associated with
      mystic or prophetic exaltation

    The Perennial Tradition works to bring to terrestrial reality the order and activity of the Divine Sovereignty of Altruistic Harmony. Concern for the welfare of others (altruism) and accord among all humans (harmony) should be one of the major active principles in terrestrial life.

      The fundamental intellectual and moral values on which Western Civilization was founded are now being systematically perverted into their opposite:

Fundamental Human Values
Positive Value Perversion or Inversion
Reason, Intellectual Autonomy, Self-Awareness Cunning, Mind-Control, Deliberate Ignorance
Individualism Egomania, License, Greed
Altruism, Social Cohesion Totalitarianism, Collectivism
Rule of Law, Justice Rule of Corrupt Officials
Learning, Education Programming, Training, Conditioning
Commonwealth, Democracy Dictatorship, Plutocracy
Economic Commonwealth Fascism, Imperialism, Globalization
Prepared Military, National Defense Pre-emptive Unending War, Militarism
Information as Basis of Commonwealth Misinformation, Propaganda, Brainwashing

   The Sovereignty of God should be recognized by persons existing in the terrestrial domain as is the case in the Divine Sovereignty of Altruistic Harmony: the Supersensible Domain. Instead, ignorant, demonic persons such as the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Bushes, the British Royals, the American presidents the evil cabal foists on the American people, and many others throughout the world, have criminally seized the reins of political-financial-social power and instituted a dog-eat-dog capitalist system of global annihilation.

   Ultimately, through whatever decades or centuries of capitalist barbarism and depravity humans must suffer, the eternal principles of the Divine Sovereignty of Altruistic Harmony will be recognized, understood, adopted, realized, and established in the terrestrial world. A Divine Commonwealth will replace the evil of capitalism.

"The end for which man was created was to achieve communion with the Higher Beings above the terrestrial realm, through the light and spirit of the Divine, the wings of the soul. That ought to be man's aim in the acquisition of knowledge."


   Plato saw philosophy (the search for and love of wisdom) as the actual achievement of a higher state of consciousness within the Supersensible Domain, gained through dialectical interchange and mystical contemplation. According to Plato, philosophia is the actual practice of learning to leave the body and live in the soul, the spiritual body, in the Divine Sovereignty of Altruistic Harmony.

   In the image to the right, a Perennialist Teacher is assisting his student to attain the ability to live in her Higher Self and engage in dialectical interchange with Higher Beings in the supersensible domain. The Higher Beings are engaging in dialectical interchange with these two seekers of wisdom and teaching them how the Forms (essences) of the Supersensible Sovereignty of God can be realized in the philosophers' dual lives and the lives of their fellow humans.

"Now of the process of re-birth there is and always has been a definite and exact science, the knowledge of which has been the property of the smallest of minorities and, for adequate reasons, has not been suffered to be promulgated to the multitude. . ."

Mary Atwood, Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy, 1850

    The science of initiation of re-birth into the Higher Self is a definite spiritual process, in which a knowledgeable, skilled operator psychically induces a heightened state of consciousness in the aspirant. The initiate's higher consciousness is activated so that it can function in a necessarily quickened manner. The aspirant is placed in the psychic condition of a person at the moment of death, his consciousness withdrawn from externals, restricted to and focused upon his mind's internal content, which he is directed to explore and contemplate.

    In Esoteric Christianity this initiation rite was called "baptism into the Sovereingty of the Divine" (often mistranslated as Kingdom of God). This esoteric rite was lost by the Romanized Christian Church when it mangled Jesus's message into a sacerdotal system of mind-manipulation and misinterpreted Jesus as a deity who proclaimed himself the Jewish militarist Messiah (Christ).

    The esoteric teaching concerning this intiation rite was contained in a hidden, extra-canonical Gospel said to have been written by the Apostle Mark.

    A Protestant scholar, Morton Smith, spent a decade examining this esoteric work and finally came to this conclusion concerning the special rite of psychic immersion into a new realm of being:

"Jesus could admit his followers to the kingdom of God, and he could do it in some special way, so that they were not there merely by anticipation, nor by virtue of belief and obedience, nor by some other figure of speech, but were really, actually, in."

Morton Smith, The Secret Gospel, 1974

"Dialectic is the only philosophical method which seeks for wisdom by anagogically transporting our foundational underpinnings so that our Higher Self ascends to the Origin."

Plato, The Commonwealth VII, 533d

"It is through communing with higher spiritual beings by means of Theurgical Dialectic that humans come to true realization of what they are in essence: eternal spiritual entities."
Iamblicus, On the Mysteries

    "Often have I been alone with my soul and have doffed my body and laid it aside and become as if I were naked substance without body, so as to be inside myself, outside all other things. Then do I see within myself such beauty and splendour as I do remain marvelling at and astonished, so that I know that I am one of the parts of the sublime, surpassing, lofty, divine world, and possess active life.

"When I am certain of that, I lift my intellect up from that world into the divine world and become as if I were placed in it and cleaving to it, so as to be above the entire intelligible world, and seem to be standing in that sublime and divine place. And there I see such light and splendour as tongues cannot describe nor ears comprehend. When that light and splendour overwhelm me and I have not strength to endure it, I descend from mind to thought and reflection.

"When I enter the world of thought, thought veils that light and splendour from me and I am left wondering how I have fallen from that lofty and divine place and am come to the place of thought, when my soul once had the power to leave her body behind and return to herself and rise to the world of mind and then to the divine world until she entered the place of splendour and light, which is the cause of all light and splendour. Wonderful it is too how I have seen my soul filled with light, while she was still in my body like her appearance, not leaving it."
Plotinus, Ennead IV, Theologia I: 225

   As the Perennialist seeker advances, her terrestrial life and her life in the supersensible domain fuse into one.

The seeker's familiarity with the Supersensible Realm increases.

Energy and knowledge from the Higher Realm take effect in the terrestrial world.

Dialectical interchange in the terresstrial realm becomes more effective and more harmonious.

In the Supersensible Realm, persons of diverse levels of spiritual attainment teach others.

    In learning to locate our consciousness in the Divine Sovereignty of Altruistic Harmony, we use select exercises.

Alchemical, Theurgical Exercise 1

    This is my True Home.

    The terrestrial world is not my true home.

    I am learning to live in--have my conscious awareness in--my true home: the Divine Sovereignty of Altruistic Harmony.

    I am learning to engage in dialectical interchange with Higher Beings in the Supersensible Domain.

    I am my soul.

"The gnostic being will take up the world of Life and Matter, but he will turn and adapt it to his own truth and purpose of existence; he will mould life itself into his own spiritual image, and this he will be able to do because he has the secret of a spiritual creation and is in communion and oneness with the Creator within him. This will be first effective in the shaping of his own inner and outer individual existence, but the same power and principle will operate in any common gnostic life; the relations of gnostic being with gnostic being will be the expression of their one gnostic self and supernature shaping into a significant power and form of itself the whole common existence."

Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, 1940