Patriots Must Save Our Nation Patriots Must Save Our Nation

  The life or death of our nation is now hanging in the balance! You have only to examine the images above to realize that our so-called "leaders" are not going to save us--that we American patriots will have to do this ourselves by replacing our capitalist pseudo-democracy with cooperative commonwealth communities.

The Platonic Form Commonwealth

We take the approach that humans overcome demonic terrestrial forces--such as injustice--by understanding and realizing the Forms of human civilization. In all historic eras, humankind has ordered its life according to specific societal archetypes: patterns of behavior and objectives. When these elements become deranged and deadly--as at present--then we can overcome these destructive patterns of behavior only by understanding the true Form of these elements and instituting them in society.

  As has been true since the founding of this nation, a capitalist cabal almost totally controls the economic, political, and social structure and events within the United States. Up to this point in our nation's history, this cunning but insane, evil plutocracy has been content to increase it's wealth and power, while allowing the masses some small modicum of political and economic freedom.

  However, the evil capitalist cabal has for a number of decades begun to move America toward fascist totalitarianism with:
  • Capitalist profiteering from World War I
  • American capitalist financial and logistic support of Hitler and the profiteering from World War II
  • Vietnam War
  • Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • Criminal behavior of President Richard Nixon
  • George Bush I's attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan
  • George Bush I's profiteering from the Iran-Contra gun-running, with the help of Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton
  • George Bush II's criminal coup d'etat in stealing the 2000 Presidential election
  • George Bush II's criminal, lying instigation of and profiteering from the Iraq War
  • President Barack Obama's saving the capitalist system when it's sub-prime housing crimes resulted in workers losing billions of dollars and capitalist criminals receiving trillions in tax-payer "bail-outs"
  • The stealing of the 2016 Presidential election by the Republicans and Trump, with the help of Russian and Cambridge Analytica cyber-gangsters and the (ongoing) attempted coup d'etat of Trump and the criminal Republican Cult
  • The January 6, 2021 domestic terrorist attack against the peaceful transfer of power by Congress instigated and directed by Donald Trump and his criminal Republican co-conspirators

  This sordid history of capitalist-fascist destruction of humankind has left us in a pitiable state eerily similar to the deplorable state of Nazi Germany in 1933. Humans have little understanding, fellow-feeling, or common decency. We have only to examine who the world's population considers to be the most "admired" people to realize just how insane and degraded humans have become.

In February, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) classed the United States as a "flawed democracy" for the second year in a row. The US ranked 21st in the EIU's Democracy Index, behind 20 "full" democracies including Germany, Canada and the UK.
"Popular trust in government, elected representatives, and political parties has fallen to extremely low levels in the US," the EUI analysts wrote. "This has been a long-term trend and one that preceded the election of Mr. Trump as the US president in November 2016."

  In 2018, Mehdi Hasan wrote an article for The New Statesman outlining how to "fix" American democracy. Now, in 2021, these same steps have become ways to "save" the last remnants of American democracy:
  1. Abolish the electoral college
  2. Pass a new Voting Rights Act
  3. Ban gerrymandering
  4. End the filibuster
  5. Get "dark money" out of politics
  6. Introduce term limits for the Supreme Court
  7. Grant statehood to Washington DC and Puerto Rico
  8. Lower the voting age to 16
  I would add two more:
  • Biden must replace Merick Garland with an Attorney General who will prosecute Trump and all the conspirators and insurgents who planned and fomented the January 6th domestic terrorist attack and who are now rigging state election systems to falsify election results for Republicans.

  • Revoke Section 230 of the Communications Act, which now protects digital media providers from liability for content posted by their users even if that content is harmful, hateful or misleading.

  • "One of the fallacies that we hope this book dispels is that it's easy to tell when a democracy has tipped over the edge."
  • "One thing that populists have learned is that if you make the right set of changes to the judiciary, you can fundamentally undermine its effectiveness as a check on an elected entity that wants to entrench itself."
  • "More recently in the United States, there has been a substantial weakening of the institutions at the federal level that are meant to promote the rule of law: the Justice Department and the coercive instruments of the federal government. At this point, that damage is done."

  Even though Joe Biden has done a creditable job of taming the Covid-19 pandemic and brought significant ecomonic relief to Americans of all stripes, his own capitalist backers, the capitalists who "own" such Democrats as Joe Manchin (coal) and Crystin Sinema (big pharma), and the totally insane capitalists who manipulate Trump, 1 are now intent on destroying what few vestiges of genuine democracy persist in America.

"At a certain point, you have to confront the elephant in the room, and prosecute the criminal in your midst, or become his next victim. Donald Trump is not going away, nor is the Republican Party he so easily and completely remade in his image.
"Justice demands a resolution for a president who used the powers of his office to subvert democracy to keep himself in power after losing an election. You cannot allow leaders to dismantle democracy, piece by piece and with impunity, and expect this nation to survive intact.

"Eventually, if you give him enough chances, the autocrat will succeed. Weimar Germany learned this lesson the hard way.

"No one is going to save American democracy for us, and the fascists and their leader smell blood now."

Donald Trump Remains a Mortal Threat to American Democracy

Organizations to join in attempting to save American Democracy:
(some of these organizations have been created by members of the Republican Pary)

    "The Lincoln Project is holding accountable those who would violate their oaths to the Constitution and would put others before Americans."

  • Free Speech For People

  • Democracy For America


  • Democracy Forward






    "Our goal is for this list to be an educational and action resource. First, we'll use it to make sure Americans are aware of what is happening, and understand our perspective having served as attorneys in the White House and the executive branch as to why those actions may be particularly threatening. And second, where there are things we are doing to challenge those actions, we'll let you know that, as well as any steps we all can take together to protect our democracy."

  • #KnockEveryDoor


  • Our Revolution

    You can sign and have your name appear on and Our Revolution petitions; unfortunately, you can only become a member if you sign up to become a donor

  • Republican Voters Against Trump

  • Bravery Project

  • Stand Up Republic

  • Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform

  • 43 Alumni for Joe Biden (alumni from President George W. Bush’s administration)

A six-point plan to stop the Republicans' anti-democratic moves

  1. "We need a collective national effort focused at the state level--either to block anti-democratic laws from passage or to at least get their worst provisions removed
  2. We must eliminate the Senate filibuster to pass both voting rights acts
  3. "We need courts [and the Attorney General] to start acting in a decidedly pro-democracy way"
  4. "We need the media to permanently adopt the avowed pro-democracy posture it took as President Donald Trump sought to overturn the 2020 election"
  5. "We need leaders in every sector of America, from faith to business to sports, to emphasize democratic values. It won't be enough if the pro-democracy message is carried only by politicians and the media. And it can't be vague 'voting is important' rhetoric."
  6. "We need a full-scale pro-democracy movement, with rallies in cities across the country. Such a mass mobilization will help alert those who may have thought Biden's election returned everything to normal[,] that the threat to democracy remains very real."
Perry Bacon, Jr., Washington Post, 6/6/2021


1 Donald Trump's attacks on democracy are being promoted by rich and powerful conservative groups that are determined to win at all costs  New Yorker