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Actualizing The New Commonwealth
Actualizing The New Commonwealth
Actualizing The New Commonwealth

  This essay highlights: The explication of the Form: Perennialist Union.

"The first requirement in the possible creation of the new society is to be aware of the almost insurmountable difficulties that such an attempt must face."

Erich Fromm, To Have Or To Be?, 1976

  As Erich Fromm indicated, the first step in actualizing a "new society" is to face the "almost insurmountable difficulties" that such an effort faces.

   The New Commonwealth Archetype is such an extraordinary Form that it can only be understood and valued by exceptional persons who have achieved stupendous understanding of themselves and the world.

"A true philosopher cannot help patterning himself on those with whom he holds reverential dialectical interchange. And if he is called upon to fashion the archetype of a true Commonwealth he will construct it of those elements which he perceives in the higher realm of Forms: goodness, justice, and every civil virtue. To be of the highest quality, a State must be designed by a philosophical artist who is inspired to structure it according to the heavenly archetype."

Plato, The Commonwealth, Book 7

  I refer to actualizing the New Commonwealth Archetype in the sense of making real or concrete; giving reality to; being fully aware or cognizant of a reality that already exists as an Ideal or Form. As we'll examine below, this new reality is composed of essences (Forms) that Plato and other teachers within the Perennial Tradition reveal. Perennialist savants have inhabited this reality since the beginning of humankind, initiating select aspirants into this Domain.

  Since 1996, there has existed a Virtual Community in relation to the marriage of Michelle Mairesse and Norman Livergood and their home in Vista, CA. The incipient New Commonwealth Community was enhanced and further actualized in 2011 when Dr. Livergood published his work--The New Commonwealth and Michelle Mairesse and Norman Livergood published their joint work, Realizing A New Culture. Various persons have shown an interest in training for possible membership in The New Commonwealth Community. Most of these persons have proven to lack requisite interest, understanding, or character development.

  Two major factors in the "almost insurmountable difficulties" that we face in actualizing a new society are:

  1. A huge percentage of the people in the current world have been driven insane by the reigning capitalist ideology of dog-eat-dog egomania

  2. Fascist dictators the world over have destroyed most vestiges of a "free society" and have instigated imperialism and militarism.

  The apocalyptic nature of the present world becomes ever more evident as a certifiably insane former U.S. President wreaks havoc on every civilized and enlightened institution, deliberately destroys the Republican Party, and fomments mass murders and other acts of violence.

Cooperative Commonwealth Community

  The actualization of The New Commonwealth Archetype necessarily involves an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, spiritual, and cultural needs and aspirations through jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprises.

  The author is including in this essay the announcement of the enhancement of the creation of a New Commonwealth Community to persons capable of helping to build community facilities and processes to supply these basic human needs:
  • Food
  • Shelter (housing)
  • Water
  • Energy (electricity, gas)
  • Sanitation (waste elimination)
  • Safety (protection from attack)
  • Information and communication (Internet, email, phone, cable TV)
  • Education and training
  • Accoutrements (elements that are not necessary in themselves but add to the well-being or cultured life of persons within a community--Examples: books, videos, electronic equipment (DVD player, car battery recharger)

  As indicated, humankind's unfolding civilizational cataclysm (the "Flood") means that a huge percentage of the people in the current world have been driven insane by the reigning capitalist ideology of dog-eat-dog egomania and capitalist dictators the world over have destroyed most vestiges of a "free society" and have instigated fascism, imperialism, and militarism. And now the Trump MAGA insanity and its offshoots of fascist, white-supremicist, conspiracy-theory terrorism have added to the cultural disaster.

  However, this civilizational cataclysm also presents an opportunity for beginning to build a commonwealth community. The civilizational cataclysm produces conditions wherein more and more workers lose their jobs, their homes, their families, and their lives. BUT it is possible that a few of them will wake up. Some of those who awaken may be intelligent and discerning enough to see that the only solution to this world cataclysm is what the New Enlightenment Website has been teaching: the necessity of building a New commonwealth community.

  This essay constitutes an announcement by the author to persons who have truly awakened and with demonstrated capabilities in the areas listed above--of the opportunity to join in the effort in Vista, California in beginning to build a commonwealth community (Ark) which will provide:

  • A means of survival during this civilizational cataclysm (Flood)
  • A way of life in which to develop mental, ethical, and cultural capabilities for all members of a family
  • A means of assisting in developing a new culture with which to rebuild a world that is currently being deliberately destroyed by insane, depraved persons
  • A means of developing spiritually and philosophically

"It is necessary, in the first place, to turn our attention constantly and continuously to the higher ideal which we wish to realise; to the highest ideal we can form of truth, goodness, and beauty. In proportion as we can do this we shall find truth, goodness, and beauty becoming realised in our nature. The practical outcome of an intelligent realisation of the existence of our higher divine Self, is the opening up, as it were, of a channel of communication through which the higher can flow into, and manifest in, the lower. There is an actual structural alteration in the physical body and nerve centres. Every thought conditions a definite physiological change. We shut out the higher possibilities by thought alone, by thinking ourselves separate. Just in proportion as we think of ourselves as divine, in proportion as we realise that the divine is within us, shall we come to a conscious realisation of our divine nature and powers. Nor is there any other path by which this may be accomplished."

William Kingsland, Scientific Idealism, 1909

  If you feel you are genuinely interested in living and working in this New Commonwealth Community now being founded in Vista, CA, indicate your interest via email to: The first step will be to engage in Platonic dialectical interchange with the author and the New Commonwealth Community Coordinator. If your interest in and your initial understanding of the New Commonwealth Community Archetype prove to be genuine, then you will be encouraged to apply for assistance in relocating to Vista.

Perennialist Union

  The author is peculiarly fortunate in having ongoing experience of Perennialist Union within several different relationships in varied contexts. For example, at present the author and his wife are blessed with a relationship with a very dear female friend whom we met in the ordinary course of common life. Upon meeting, we all three immediately intuited that there were elements in the other person or persons that were extraordinary and which warranted an exceptional interest in and commitment to that other person. The Union is not based on any blood relationship, religious affiliation, or social or emotional pressure. Each of the three of us would gladly do anything for our friend that would be required. One of the elements of Perennialist Union is anticipating the needs of a Loved One and meeting that need without the loved one having to mention it.......

The author has a unique relationship with his wife in that we engage in continuous, ongoing dialectical interchange (including joint dialectical reading and television viewing). Our daily emotional and verbal interchange (and emotional and verbal expression) is marked by exceptional honesty, straightforwardness, heartfelt consideration for the other, and gangbuster, high-class humor such as:

I like to use irregular conjunctions
But that's just the kind of guy I'm.


  The specific Form of relationship that Perennialist initiates maintain is unique in nature, differing from formal or informal marriage or voluntary associaton of any other type, making the types of groupings they form completely unique:
  • Enlightening Groups

  • Transformative Groups

      Perennialist union is the type of relationship that is characteristic of the interpersonal interactions within the incipient Commonwealth now aborning in Vista, California.