Trump and the
Republican Party
are Destroying America
Trump and the
Republican Party
are Destroying America
Trump and the
Republican Party
are Destroying America

The Madness of King Trump

  The Capitalist Cabal selected Donald Trump as the instrument of their ruinous imposition of totalitarian fascism on the American working class because, just like Hitler, he is insane in a peculiar way that attracts weak-minded persons to follow him. Thus, we are in precisely the same deadly situation that Germany found itself in when Adolph Hitler, put into power by American and German capitalists, became German Chancellor in 1933. This is why we must immediately begin working to expose and eliminate 1 Trump and his Republican fellow-fascists. If we fail to act, the nation will be destroyed.

"Donald Trump has a 'dangerous mental illness' and is not fit to lead the US, a group of psychiatrists has warned during a conference at Yale University.

"Mental health experts claimed the President was 'paranoid and delusional', and said it was their 'ethical responsibility' to warn the American public about the 'dangers Mr Trump's psychological state poses to the country.'"
Source: 4/21/2017

  As citizens, we must remain informed, we must vote against Republicans and for Democrats, and we must prod our leaders to act swiftly to save our democracy by, among other means, passing voting rights legislation through overturning the regressive fillibuster!

  "The press treats the overwhelmingly white, working-class audiences at Trump's rallies as his 'base.' But they are more his marks than his base. The anonymous wealthy donors . . . have a far better claim to be the base that he serves.". 2

  The insane, suicidal worshippers of the "Orange Jesus," Donald Trump, deliberately allow themselves to be demeaned and misused by the fascist leaders they adulate.

  Mentally-deficient people are attracted to Trump through narcissistic symbiosis and shared psychosis.
"Narcissistic symbiosis refers to the developmental wounds that make the leader-follower relationship magnetically attractive. The leader, hungry for adulation to compensate for an inner lack of self-worth, projects grandiose omnipotence--while the followers, rendered needy by societal stress or developmental injury, yearn for a parental figure. When such wounded individuals are given positions of power, they arouse similar pathology in the population that creates a 'lock and key' relationship."

  'Shared psychosis'--which is also called 'folie à millions' ['madness of millions'] when occurring at the national level or 'induced delusions'--refers to the infectiousness of severe symptoms that goes beyond ordinary group psychology. When a highly symptomatic individual is placed in an influential position, the person's symptoms can spread through the population through emotional bonds, heightening existing pathologies and inducing delusions, paranoia and propensity for violence--even in previously healthy individuals. The treatment is removal of exposure."

Tanya Lewis and Bandy X. Lee, "The 'Shared Psychosis' of Donald Trump and His Loyalists," Scientific American, 1/11/2021

  Most of the articles in this journal and in progressive magazines, newspapers, and news-programs worldwide, point out the fascistic tendencies of the ruling elites in the various nations. But it is particularly relevant at this period in our national experience as Americans to be aware of the fatal collusion of the "little man and woman" in the rapid increase in totalitarianism, such as the Trump junta's deliberate desroying of all government agencies, the give-away of trillions to the monied interests through tax-breaks, and the deliberate terrorist attacks on constitutional liberties, such as the January 6, 2021 armed domestic terrorist insurgency against the nation's Capitol and the peaceful transfer of power.

  In this time we must condemn and fight against the insane, mentally inferior Trumpites for allowing America to devolve into a nation where the Republican Party is entirely anti-democracy and armed insurrection is becoming a norm. [Think Kyle Rittenhouse.] The Democrats, with all their bias toward capitalism and big-money, still include the only people in this deeply divided nation to understand the life-and-death-danger of the Trump-Fascist-Reactionary Syndrome death-cult.

"'Fascism' is only the organized political expression of the structure of the average man's character, a structure that is confined neither to certain races or nations nor to certain parties, but is general and international. . . 'Fascism' is the basic emotional attitude of the suppressed man of our authoritarian machine civilization and its mechanistic-mystical conception of life."

Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism

  It's almost enough to make one think: "the American people are getting the kind of leaders they deserve." Almost, but not quite. No nation deserves the kind of outright inducement of armed insurrection and murder, lawlessness, deliberate lying and destruction of voting rights and other fundamental pillars of democracy that Trump and his Republican lackeys are perpetrating.

  Democrats of all stripes must fight against the daily Republican Party onslaughts against democracy and decency in general. To fight effectively Democrats must gain deep understanding of the mental and social dynamics of their Republican opponents and the current mind-set of the American people.

  Trump and his mentally-challenged followers embrace violence and destruction. Why?
   "In my textbook on violence, I emphasize the symbolic nature of violence and how it is a life impulse gone awry. Briefly, if one cannot have love, one resorts to respect. And when respect is unavailable, one resorts to fear. Trump is now living through an intolerable loss of respect: rejection by a nation in his election defeat. Violence helps compensate for feelings of powerlessness, inadequacy and lack of real productivity."
  Where does the hatred most of Trump's supporters display come from? What can clear-thinking Americans do to defeat this fascist menace?

  "In Profile of a Nation, I outline the many causes that create his followership. But there is important psychological injury that arises from relative--not absolute--socioeconomic deprivation [e.g. poverty and inequality]. Yes, there is great injury, anger and redirectable energy for hatred, which Trump harnessed and stoked for his manipulation and use. The emotional bonds he has created facilitate shared psychosis at a massive scale." 3

  Trump's pronouncements (rallies, press releases, Internet messages) must be seen as "performance of a particular worldview. . . If we view Trump's crowds [merely] as mindless mobs led by primitive urges and stirred up by a narcissistic demagogue, [and leave it at that] as many critics have done, it impairs our ability to appreciate what his events tell us about how those who attended them see the world."

  "In simple terms, a Trump rally was a dramatic enactment of a specific vision of America. It enacted how Trump and his followers would like America to be. In a phrase, it was an identity festival that embodied a politics of hope.

"A rally would start long before Trump's arrival. Indeed, the long wait for the leader was part and parcel of the performance. This staged delay affected the self-perception of the audience members ('If I am prepared to wait this long, this event and this leader must be important to me'). It affected the ways audience members saw one another ('If others are prepared to wait this long, this event and the leader must be important to them'). And it thereby set up a norm of devotion in the crowd and a sense of shared identity among crowd members ('We are joined together in our devotion to this movement')." 4

  Trump's overall "Message" to his cult: '''
  • America is failing--only because of the depredations of its external (Iran and China) and internal enemies (Democrat Socialists and The Swamp), not because of you--or me. [We must do whatever it takes, even if it involves violence, to Make America Great Again]
  • One of your major internal enemies is the Socialist Press. [They are the Enemy of the People]
  • You cannot believe what this Enemy of the People Press tells you; you must only believe what Trump tells you [What Trump tells you is the Only Truth]
  • There are no objective standards of truth or of decency [Whatever Trump says is Truth is Truth; whatever Trump or a Trump Follower do is acceptable behavior]
  • The 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats [Trump is actually President]
  • All elections must now be Controlled by Republicans [Whatever Republicans do to win elections is Legal, even if the Democrat Party calls it illegal]
  • The Democrat Party is your enemy [Trump and his followers are your God-sent Protectors]



1 Trump and the Republican Party cannot be allowed to continue their annihilation of American democracy; they must be exposed as evil and eliminated through criminal indictment and conviction for ongoing crimes: election fraud and domestic terrorism, among many others.

2 To find Trump's real base of support, just follow the money Jesse Jackson, 10/9/2019, People's World

3 Stephen D. Reicher, S. Alexander Haslam, "Trump's Appeal: What Psychology Tells Us," Scientific American, 3/1/2017

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