"View all of your life events not only as objective facts, but also as subjective symbols of the process of your inner transformation. Everything that happens to you is what it is, and is also symbolic of something greater you should take into consideration."

Leland Kaiser, "Self-Transcendence"

  Undiscerning persons often say: "Why isn't God intervening in this world to counterbalance and overcome the overwhelming evil that has inundated this world? The answer: God IS intervening; just not in the manner that most persons would expect.

  The Divine creates and sustains a world which provides precisely coordinated learning experiences transcendentally matched to our current needs and capabilities. The Divine has the power to take all human actions and use them to assist us in our evolution. Each person receives exactly the experiences they deserve and from which they can best learn what they need for their personal evolution--and at the same time for the evolution of all humankind. The Divine does not create negative elements, those are created by human error and perfidy through the exercise of human freedom. 1

  For the conditions and experiences of one's life situation to operate effectively in producing a genuine, moral, intelligent human being, the individual must work to attain higher intelligence: understanding.

"The superintendence, the planning, and the arrangement of these adjustments; the estimate and satisfaction of each and every developmental need require a flexible - almost omniscient - quality-intelligence."
Betty White, The Gaelic Manuscripts, circa 1935

  There is a group of extraordinary, advanced people in the world at the present time who commune (engage in dialectical interchange) with the Divine and Higher Beings and work to overcome terrestrial evil in all its manifestations.

  This group is doing the Work that God and Higher Beings explicate and assign to them.

  This group is hidden in the world: not making themselves known in an ordinary manner and invisible because most persons do not have the intellectual ability to recognize them as extraordinary, advanced humans. This state of misidentifying the inferior as the good or superior is pandemic, to the the point that the majority of persons are not able to recognize Goodness.

  This Perennialist group contacts persons they discern to be able to participate in their Work. Specific persons can seek contact with this group to assist in that Work, if, in fact, they possess the capability to effectively contribute.

  This group constitutes a contemporary living allegory of a Noah's Ark saving humankind from the deadly cultural flood of corruption, criminality, depravity, and general degradation that is now drowning the entire earth population. This cultural flood drowns some persons in a literal way--the victims of imperialist wars, the poverty-sticken, the unemployed, the homeless--but drowns other persons in such a way that they do not appear to be dead but are in fact sub-human walking-talking zombies. The Noah's Ark also preserves precious elements of human civilization which can be used to rebuild a New World.

  If the soul is to know itself, it must engage with another soul in dialectical interchange, especially in the region of wisdom, which is what makes a soul good, and in regions similar to it. There is nothing about the soul which is more divine than where knowing and understanding take place. That region resembles the divine, and persons who look at that and grasp everything divine--wisdom and understanding--have the best grasp of themselves as well.

  Only those souls who love and seek wisdom (philosophers) have wings, for they are always, so far as they are able, in communion through dialectic and memory with those essences the communion with which causes God to be divine.

  Friends should have all things in common.


1 "One of the determining factors as to whether a given human soul shall enter the body in one household, in one station of life, in one race of men; rather than in another household, another station in life, another race, is that in that household, station or race, either by physiological inception or by personal development, the conditions exist, or are easily assembled, for the action of law, which will there precipitate those attributes from the quality-reservoir, so to speak, which are needed to fill out the completeness of that soul." Betty White, The Gaelic Manuscripts, circa 1935

2 With reason:
  • Consistent with or based on or using reason, rational behavior, a process of rational inference, rational thought, sane, bases beliefs on evidence

  • Of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind, "the triumph of the rational over the animal side of man" A person such as Donald Trump does not possess reason (is insane).

  • Having its source in or being guided by the intellect or experience (distinguished from emotion); a rational analysis