Elemental Mysteries Energy, Number,
and Frequency
Elemental Mysteries Energy, Number,
and Frequency

The heavens, Pythagoras "taught, are the realm of pure number, where objects move in perfect, unchanging circles, the realm that can best be perceived through pure reason. . .  

"Our only release from our earthly body, 'the tomb of the soul,' is withdrawal from the world to dispassionate contemplation of reason and mathematics." 1

 The Perennial Tradition explores how Divine Consciousness manifests as energy, through such ordering principles as number and frequency. Perennialist teachers Hermes, Pythagoras, and Plato explicated how energy, number, and frequency comprise the elemental substrate of Reality.
"But now the sight of day and night, and the months and the revolutions of the years have created number and have given us a conception of time, and the power of inquiring about the nature of the universe. And from this source we have derived philosophy, than which no greater good ever was or will be given by the gods to mortal man."

Plato, Timaeus

  The Perennial Tradition deals with fundamental mysteries and the most basic questions:

  • Why is there being at all?

  • Why is our physical world ordered, and not governed by incoherent chaos?

  • Why and how is this "Cosmos" (as the Greeks termed it) intelligible to humans?

  • What is the essence of these organizing principles: number, frequency, pattern, structure, harmony, culture, and material form? 2

  • How do these organizing principles make apperception, understanding, and intelligence possible?
  In this essay, we investigate elemental, unknown, as yet inexplicable realities--in short, Mysteries. Unfortunately, to the ordinary mind these essences will seem commonplace and lackluster. To them, there will appear to be no supernatural quality in such awe-inspiring Mysteries as being, existence, space, time, goodness, number, and frequency.

"The deeper secrets and laws of our being are self-protected; to learn them requires an adaptation of character and purpose, and a humility of mind and spirit, inconsistent with those displayed by the perverse or merely curious enquirer. To understand, let alone practically to explore, the Hermetic Mystery is not for every one--at least, at his present state of evolutional unfolding. . . . Only to those whose spiritual destiny has already equipped them with a certain high measure of moral and intellectual fitness will even a rough notional apprehension of it be practicable."

Mary A. Atwood, Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy, 1850

  Pythagoras, Plato, and later Perennialist savants have demonstrated that Reality is constructed, at its deepest level, by the imposition of divine organizing principles: Forms. Such principles as "energy," "number," and "frequency" are not mental patterns of thought imposed on a "blank tablet" (tabula rasa) of bodily sensations. These supersensible canons of order are imminent in physical reality and are discoverable through philosophical, mathematical, and scientific investigation.

The Elemental Mystery of Energy

  Contemporary progressive scientists have come to the same hypothesis as that of early philosophers that the basic substrate of Reality is consciousness manifested as energy. Energy is studied and described as particles/waves, since neither aspect is accurate by itself. In sub-atomic physics, elemental reality is conceived of not as "things" but as foci of energy. Physical form is the result of specific frequencies, energy vibration rates. Specific energy fields, manifesting through individual frequencies, assume distinct material forms.

  To the right are four image patterns as photographed through a microscope. We would assume that the images are of four different substances, since their physical forms (patterns) are so different. Actually, these are images of the same substance--oil of turpentine--subjected to four different sound frequencies. Material form is the manifestation of specific energy frequencies; it is the aspect of frequency apprehensible by our senses.

     Swiss medical doctor and naturalist Hans Jenny (1904-1972) created an entire new field, named cymatics, for the study of energy wave forms. We are at present unable to explain why different kinds of materials subjected to specific sound frequencies assume specific patterns and shapes. But cymatics may provide answers in the future.

     All objects in our empirical world, then, are composed of energy frequencies. Our five senses are constructed to pick up data in the form of visual, aural, tactile, olfactory, and taste wavelengths (energy frequencies). Our brain then interprets this wavelength data and responds in a specific manner. All empirical objects are vibratory energy fields which produce direct or indirect effects in other objects: persons, things, or events.

  From one aspect, the Perennial Tradition is arcane knowledge as to how to produce specific responses in persons, objects, and events through specially designed stimuli. The distinguishing feature of Perennialist art (specially designed visual and/or auditory stimuli) is its power to produce psychic upheaval in a prepared mind and transport that mind to a higher dimension.

The Magic of Number

  Early philosophers discovered that dividing the distance around any circle--its circumference--by its diameter (distance across the circle) invariably resulted in the number Pi: 3.14159265. From this it became possible to determine the circumference of any circle by measuring its diameter and multiplying this by Pi.

Pi - P   Example
        Radius (CD)

        Diameter (AB)

        Circumference = Diameter times Pi (3.14159265)

The Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagoras (c. 580 - 500 BCE) discovered the magical relationship
between the lengths of the sides of right-angle triangles.

  The longest side of a right angle triangle is called the hypotenuse. This is always opposite to the right angle. The side opposite a chosen angle is called the opposite side. The side next to the chosen angle is called the adjacent side.

  Pythagoras discovered that the square of the hypotenuse (length times length) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides: hypotenuse² = opposite² + adjacent².

  This is known as Pythagoras's Theorem and it works for all right-angled triangles. Using this theorem, we can discover the length of any of the sides of any right triangle if we know the length of the other two sides.

  We can take a triangle with the lengths of its two shortest sides known: 3 cm and 4 cm. Applying Pythagoras's theorem, we can find the length of the hypotenuse:

hypotenuse² = one-side² + second-side²

h² = 3² + 4²

h² = 9 + 16 = 25

h = 5 cm

  Applying this and other discoveries, we're able to understand that the cosmos is constructed by the use of specific formulae such as Pi and Pythagoras' theorem. By using these organizing principles we're able to discover the very STRUCTURE of the universe! Through the discovery of the ordering principles by which Reality is created, we enter a fascinating world of CERTAINTY. In the ordinary empirical world of objects and events, we experience constant uncertainty, having to settle for approximations and estimations at best. Philosophers--those who search for, discover, and apply invariable "ordering principles"--can feel the difference in domains as they arrive at conclusions that are not just probable but undeniable.

  In studying mathematics, we discover that there are magical, esoteric qualities to numbers. As Plato pointed out, through the higher study of mathematics we can achieve the ability to think abstractly--attaining independence from sensible objects in our contemplation. The freeing of thought from dependence upon the sensible image is an accomplishment of the very greatest magnitude. Until thought has achieved this power, it cannot penetrate into the realm of imageless consciousness.

"The philosopher, because he has to rise out of the sea of change and lay hold of true being . . . must be an arithmetician."

Plato, The Commonwealth, Book VII

Oscillation: the Unity of Number and Frequency

  Everything in the universe is an oscillator or composed of oscillators: energy fields (entities) that move or vibrate in a regular, periodic manner. Examples of oscillators include atoms, the human brain, a vibrating string, the human heart, or a pendulum--any material entity that performs a repetitive, periodic movement, that is, vibrates. Because of their vibrating motion, oscillators produce patterns of vibration--waves.

  Wave patterns may be visible or not or audible or not. Oscillators produce waves as long as they alter their environment in a periodic manner. That environment may be body tissue, as in the heart-aorta oscillating system, water, air, electrical fields, gravitational fields, or any other medium.

Number: a unit of measurement

Measurement: the estimation or determination of extent, dimension, or capacity, usually in relation to some standard or unit of measurement--example: measurement of distance indicated by a number of miles or kilometers.

Frequency: the measurement of the number of times that a repeated event occurs per unit of time, such as the rate of change of phase of a waveform. The frequency (f) of a wave is the number of cycles that pass a given point of observation in a given time. Hertz is the unit of frequency, and just means how many cycles per second.

Waves: patterns of vibrations   Wavelength is the distance between repeating units of a wave pattern.

  If you drop two pebbles into a pond, concentric circles or waves radiate out from each entry point and move across the pond. When the two sets of waves run into each other, they form an interference pattern. Where the crests of waves meet, they make a wave that is twice as high; if a wave meets a trough, the two will cancel each other out to form a flat patch; if two troughs meet, they will make a deeper trough.

  The wavelength of a wave is the distance from one crest (hill) or trough (valley) to the next. When a crest or trough passes a certain point, the time it takes for the next crest or trough to reach that point is the period of the wave.

  From these two numbers, we can calculate the wave's speed, or velocity. Velocity is calculated by dividing the wavelength by the period of the wave (just as we say a car goes at 30 miles per hour). A wave's amplitude is half the difference in height between a crest and the trough of a wave. Big waves have large amplitudes, and small waves have small amplitudes.

  If two rays of light have the same wavelength, they can interact in a surprising way. When they overlap with each other, the two amplitudes of the waves add up to twice the amplitude and we get a much brighter light. This is called constructive interference. Constructive interference occurs when identical light waves overlap.

  The reason we experience the physical world at all is because objects oscillate, sending out waves of light and sound. We see the universe because the magical instrument called the human eye possesses the totally inexplicable, miraculous capability of receiving light waves and transmuting this experience into sight. Where there is no light we can see with sound. Sonar is used to study the fetus in the mother's womb and locate sunken ships in the darkest reaches of the sea. Since the advent of devices--such as EEG and EKG--capable of monitoring neurological energy fields, it's now possible to examine the oscillation patterns of brainwaves. The ear has the fewest sensory cells of any sensory organ--3,500 inner hair cells occupy the ear versus 100 million photoreceptors in the eye.

  Our eardrum acts like the covering of a drum. When air molecules in the form of frequency waves strike it, it vibrates and we hear sound.

Resonance as Physical and Extra-Physical

  Every physical and extra-physical element in Reality is an energy resonator sending out and receiving impressions (impacts, messages, influences) in the form of waves of sound, light, and thought. Scientists describe our bodies as nested hierarchies of vibrational frequencies which appear as discrete systems functioning within larger more complicated systems, which themselves are contained within even larger and more complex vibrational structures. Each organ in our body is composed of cells of similar vibrations that have gathered to form that organ, just as our mind has been formed by the amalgamation of congruent conceptual and emotional fields. 3  Our body and mind have the capability of responding to and acting upon all discernible sounds, light waves, or ideas in Reality.

  Resonance is the ability of an entity to reach out through physical and extra-physical frequency waves to receive a signal from and to elicit a similar vibration in another entity. The various organs and organ systems in the body transmit and receive light, sound, and thought vibrations--as do our various emotional, mental and spiritual states of consciousness.

  To function effectively in ordinary life, you must be able to use your five senses: sight, hearing, smell, olfactory, and touch. Humans are able to sense only a very limited range of frequencies. Other animal forms, such as dogs, register higher ranges of sound frequencies, and some dogs sense from afar when their owners plan to return home. When a queen ant is spatially separated from her colony, building by the workers continues regularly and according to plan. Apparently the queen sends the "building plans" through frequencies which the worker ants can receive from any distance. The queen can be as far away as she wants and, as long as she is alive, the "message" will be received. However, if the queen is killed, wherever she might be, all work in the colony instantly stops. Suddenly, the instructions from the queen bee have ceased and no worker ant knows what to do.

  Perennialist savants have attained the ability to register resonating frequencies which are "invisible" or "inaudible" to ordinary persons. What is called "receiving inspiration" is actually the ability of an initiate to register frequencies of thought, sound, and music which are undiscernible to untrained persons.

  We can get a sense of this "extra-perceptual" ability through a phenomenon within our everyday experience. Many entities, such as a human body or a tree, resonate at a frequency which does not allow a human to "see through" the resonating object. However, a circulating fan rotates at a resonating frequency which allows us to "see through" the moving fan blades. In the image to the right, the ceiling fan is turning, but we are able to see the beam "through" the rotating blades.

"In ancient civilisations, a class of initiates had precise knowledge of harmonic laws. They knew how to manipulate them to create the precise effect they wanted. And they wrote this knowledge into architecture, art, music, paintings, rituals and incenses, producing Gothic cathedrals, vast Hindu temples, all the marvels of Egypt and many other sacred works that even today, in ruins, produce a powerful effect upon us. This effect is produced because these men knew exactly what they were doing and why they were dong it: it was done entirely through a complex sensory manipulation."

John Anthony West, Serpent In the Sky: the High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

  To a person who has not developed the capability of using extra-physical senses such as inspiration, intuition, and higher awareness, this essay will make little if any sense. Unfortunately, many persons today have been duped by religious and metaphysical charlatans into believing that they have attained extra-physical capabilities when all they have achieved is self-delusion. Thus, the Internet is overflowing with sites promoting mountebanks who claim to have supernatural powers and the ability to teach these same paranormal capacities to their victims.

  Since there is such a direct effect of external and internal entities on our bodies, minds, and state of consciousness, we must carefully select the inputs we allow into our experience: persons, activities, images, thoughts, feelings, sounds, written material, food, and environmental elements. Every time we interact with another person, there is an exchange of energy resonance. Extensive interaction with people with negative energy fields may leave us with a tremendous amount of debilitating energy debris. Unless we learn to recognize negative energy and cleanse our fields of it, we can end up with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems. Fortunately, the opposite is equally true: spending time with positively charged persons and other phenomena such as music, art, and literature, can bring beneficial and transformative effects.

  Spiritual transformation within the Perennial Tradition involves the expert application of higher configurations of energy possessing greater harmony, understanding, or power to improve and transmute lower energy fields--either locally or at a distance. Perennialist teachers use their advanced, more perfected energy fields to assist in the development and transformation of initiates with lower patterns of knowledge and practice.

  If we discover imbalance within our consciousness, mind, or body, we can select specific elements to create or re-create harmony. If understood and used correctly, selective resonance can be used to overcome imbalanced conditions and to move various organs and systems back within their normal parameters--restoring homeostasis. Carefully selected restorative and transformative energy streams can bring about harmony and continued development.

The Alchemy of Entrainment

  In 1656, Dutch mathematician, physicist, and astronomer, Christian Huygens, performed an unusual series of experiments. He found that randomly swinging pendula of similar lengths would begin to swing in unison after a period of time. After extensive observation, he formulated the principle of entrainment to describe this phenomenon where weaker pulsations come under the influence of stronger ones.

  Some three hundred years after Huygens' discoveries, British naturopath Dr. Peter Guy Manners experimented with entrainment in treating a variety of physiological conditions. Hypothesizing that every bodily organ has a unique shape, size and density, and vibrates within its own specific range of frequencies, Manners recorded the resonant frequencies of healthy tissues and organs. He devised a way to project these vibrations, via sound waves, directly into distressed areas which were not resonating at their proper, healthy frequencies. Through a process called sympathetic resonance, Manners guided tissues back to their optimal frequency patterns, while releasing the tension which they had been storing.

  One of the features of entrainment which is often overlooked is that it can be used with either positive or negative effect. Positive entrainment requires definitive knowledge of what is higher--in order to bring a lower entity into congruity with this superior standard. One of the major reasons for the present general deterioration of our Western culture is the loss of the knowledge that civilization is the maintenance of social order through persuasion, not force. Positive entrainment, such as true justice (dikaiosyne), activates and maintains right order at all levels--the harmony of the soul and society.

Higher Resonance

  In the early eras of humankind's spiritual and physical evolution, homo sapiens groups, just like other animals, bonded into packs, gangs, and tribes, developing a definite group consciousness and inter-communication, acting together as a group. In developing and experiencing individuality, however, humans had to place group consciousness and hypercommunication in abeyance. As homo sapiens consciousness has developed over the last approximate ten thousand years, it's now reached a point at which a new evolutionary mutation has become possible. Those few humans who work to develop new organs of awareness are able to evolve into supra-humans.

  An increasing number of humans are incapable of achieving a stable physical and mental state in their individual consciousness. Since the majority of humans are unable to move ahead in their physiological, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual development, they have begun to devolve. A main cause of their degeneration is that they now celebrate ignorance and illiteracy as positive.

  Persons who undergo Perennialist transformation become capable of creating a new kind of group consciousness, namely one in which we learn to act in harmony, communicating through a higher group frequency. All members of such transformative groups assist each person to develop and the group to reach its goals.

  We live in a spiritual energy nexus by virtue of which all living things exist through their ability to transmute this universal force into something individual. Humans are energy transformers; we are alive and developing in proportion to how much of this universal force we accept and how freely it flows through us.

  The great common carrier of universal spirit is an immense ocean connecting all individuals. The frequency field, the ocean, the all-surrounding substance in which individuals are suspended, is a great sea of undifferentiated energy. The better we transmit this energy or allow it to flow through us, the higher grade we occupy; the more alive and contented and effective we become.

"In higher dimensions, everything radiates its own nature. You know it, by becoming it. You pass over to the standpoint of the other and know it as it knows itself - from the inside-out. Knowing by becoming permits deep and rapid communication. Unlike the third dimension, in the higher dimensions everything is illuminated by an inner light that is a direct expression of its spiritual frequency. There is no reflected light from an external source such as a sun or moon. The inner light is modulated by the entity's individuality, which expresses as a distinctive array of sound and color.

"Growth in higher awareness is directly proportional to your ability to operate with ease in realms of symbolic intelligence. Symbols contain and transmit meaning and can be used to invoke possibilities from the Void. Symbols are bodies for the energies that occupy them.

"Everything in existence has a spiritual signature, which is a symbol. To invoke the symbol is to summon the creature it represents. This, of course, is the basis for all sacred magic. Manipulating symbols is manipulating the energies they contain and transmit. Ancient symbols still carry a full charge of energy and can be summoned as allies."

Leland R. Kaiser, "Self-Transcendence"

  As we learn to locate our identity and focus of consciousness away from the body into the Higher Realm, we first have the reality of a cell within a larger "organism." Within this symbiotic conjoining we gain sustenance for the purpose of maturation as a separate entity, like a planet distinguished from a larger aggregation. We become detached and endowed with the ability to transmit our own energy field, our individual unit of power.

  Our personal energy convergence point is a center of reception and radiation at the same time. The energy waves from the One Quintessence sustain us and are manifested in our separate frequency transmission. Our individual essence maintains itself by passing Higher Energy pulsations through it. The instant when the Higher Energy flows through us is our moment of absolute unity with divinity. The individual force which occasions the flow through of Higher Energy is composed of the sureness of our belief in the existence of this greater power.

"The basis of all scientific work is the conviction that the world is an ordered and comprehensible entity, which is a religious sentiment. My religious feeling is a humble amazement at the order revealed in the small patch of reality to which our feeble intelligence is equal."

Albert Einstein, "Religion and Science," New York Times, November 9,1930