Alembic Alleviatives

Tom Swifties Supernaturally Conquer Mental Doldrums Caused By Trump's and the Republicans' Mindless Stupidities and Evil Assaults

    • "I'm no good at playing darts," Tom said aimlessly.
    • "I'm a softball pitcher," Tom said underhandedly.
    • "I like hockey," Tom said puckishly.
    • "That's a lot of hay," Tom said balefully.
    • "Let's get married," Tom said engagingly.
    • "I forgot what I was supposed to buy," Tom said listlessly.
    • "Mush!" said Tom huskily.
    • "I'll have a bowl of Chinese soup," Tom said wantonly.
    • "I can't find the bananas," Tom said fruitlessly.
    • "I'll have the lamb," Tom said sheepishly.
    • "This milk isn't fresh," Tom said sourly.
    • "I don't like hot dogs," Tom said frankly.
    • "I'll have the shellfish," Tom said crabbily.
    • "You're only average," Tom said meanly.
    • "I never did trust that buzz saw," Tom said offhandedly.
    • "Where are my crutches?" Tom asked lamely.
    • "Let's visit the tombs," Tom said cryptically.
    • "How do I get to the cemetery?" Tom asked gravely.

      Taking Humor Seriously