Fiat, Ersatz False Reality
Fiat, Ersatz False Reality
Fiat, Ersatz False Reality

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  Over two thousand years ago, Plato revealed that for most humans, theirs was a fiat, ersatz, false reality contrived by manipulators for their own purposes. This revelation was divulged through the Allegory of the Cave. This Perennialist teaching explicated that most persons collude with their mind-reality-manipulators in believing in and living in a delusory, insane world, but that it was possible for certain persons, through assiduous effort, to free themselves from the "chains" of their mind-reality delusions and insanity and attain awareness and understanding of True Reality.

  Plato made it clear, in his Allegory of the Cave, and in all his writings, that there are two kinds of reality, true and false, and that while there is only one True Reality there are many different types of false or ersatz Reality. He made it clear that there is only one elemental, ontological True reality occurring in time and space, while there are numerous fiat, ersatz, false realities with existence only in the demented minds of persons such as Donald Trump and his insane followers. Genuine apprehension and comprehension of True Reality is a high achievement which involves the activation of the "senses" of the spiritual body; it is in essence the operation of creative inspiration or illumination.

  Fiat, ersatz, false reality is an unusual kind of delusory reality. It is not mere imagination or hallucination; it is "real" in the sense that a person lives in and through false reality, believes it, and promulgates it to others. False Reality is false in the sense that it is not True Reality, which is congruent with Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, and other Supersensible Forms. Because many persons in the contemporary world have allowed themselves to believe in and become infected and infested by fiat, ersatz, false reality, they have become debased, deluded and corrupted to the point that they've lost their essence, their very being. They are actual zombies: dead bodies animated by evil, destructive forces.
  • Fiat: a command or act of will that is delusively believed to create a reality by dictate of a person or group speciously presuming the authority and power to decree reality by asserting lies as truth (the Big Lie) 1
    "Folks, stick with us. Don't believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news. Folks, just remember, what you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening."

    Trump most clearly depicted his brand of insanely pretending to create reality by fiat (mere pronouncement) in this speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in July of 2018.

  • Ersatz: an artificial or inferior substitute or imitation of the Real, especially of an inferior or unsatisfactory quality, contrived, "created out of whole cloth," invented, devised, concocted, connived, fabricated, hatched, thought-up

  • False: not real, delusory, untrue, deliberately deceptive, bogus, counterfeit, fake, simulated, spurious, twisted, unnatural, unreal, warped, insane
  Weak-minded, egomaniacal people are drawn to Fiat, Ersatz, False Reality and the insurrectionist, militarist, extremist, Big-Lie (Trump Won), racist, voter-suppression, vote-rigging groups which are the primary elements of current false reality--like the Proud Boys, the neo-fascist Oath Keepers, the Covid-19 Deniers (anti-masks, anti-vaccine), the conspiracy theorists (QAnon, etc.), the democracy-destroying Republican politicians. They are not convinced by facts--they have no ability to discern facts--merely lies and ersatz concoctions, because the associated false beliefs and insurrectionist actions give them a false sense of superiority, community or purpose, or fills a void in their senseless, psychopathic lives.

"Our great republic is threatened by far-left fanatics of the Democrat party and their violent, militant Antifa/BLM street thugs. American cities are burning, murderous gangs are creating mayhem on the streets, and elections have been subverted. We are living under a corrupt one-party oligarchy dominated by anti-American globalists, Big Tech censorship, a corrupt press and a tyrannical regime which has contempt for American liberties and Constitutional rule. Patriots who dare to speak against the madness engulfing our nation are brutally suppressed and targeted for harassment. Freedom loving Americans have had enough."

Super Happy Fun America leaders' statement

Their leaders and memberes are facing charges of illegal entry and disorderly conduct for their alleged involvement in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

  A Monmouth University poll last month found that 65 percent of Republicans believed President Biden's victory was due to election fraud and 40 percent believed the anger displayed on Jan. 6 was either fully or partially justified.

  In true reality, facts, events cannot change; they are what happens, and after they occur, they are what actually happened. Fiat, ersatz, false reality claims that facts and histories can change, that reality is whatever you (or whatever authority figure you choose to believe in) says or believes it is--or was. To make this seem "official" or "real," proponents of false reality call this the Mandela Effect.

True Reality An event occurs The event is correctly characterized by those experiencing the event and those outside the occurrence. The event is correctly remembered by those experiencing the event and those outside the occurrence.
False Reality An event occurs The event is falsely characterized by those experiencing the event and those outside the occurrence. The event is falsely remembered by those experiencing the event and those outside the occurrence.

12/6/2020 Domestic Terrorist Attack on the National Capitol and Congresspersons
True Reality The event is correctly characterized by persons experiencing the event or those viewing actual footage of the event as a domestic terrorist attack on official American institutions, procedures, and personnel. The event is later correctly characterized in the same terms.
False Reality The event is falsely characterized by Trump and Republican officials as a harmless demonstration by American patriots. The incident is falsely remembered as harmless by Trump-perverted believers.

  Fiat, ersatz, false reality is codified (made into law and standard practice) in dictatorial, fascist regimes. This has happened in all past despotic, totalitarian forms of rule and is now happening in 2021 America.

2022 Mid-Term (and All Future) Elections 2
True Reality
Blue States
Mid-Term Election occurs The votes are correctly counted by both Democrat and Republican election officials elected by all voters. The vote tally is correctly reported out and duly-elected officials take office.
False Reality
Red States
Mid-Term Election occurs The votes are falsely counted by Republican officials appointed by Republican politicians. The vote tally is falsely reported out by Republican officials and falsely-selected criminals seize power.

  The Democratic Party now in power must not allow this total destruction of our American Democracy to happen. The Voting-Rights Act must be passed in the Senate by mere majority vote if necessary and no Democratic Congressperson should be allowed to stop this from happening, no matter what it takes.

"The purpose here [the Republican party's and right-wing media's propaganda and fascistic legislative attack on democracy] is not for communicating information. It's to break the consensus of reality so that people can be manipulated and radicalized."

Chris Hayes, MSNBC

Explanation of images: The images used in this essay are not the same kind of images used by the Trumpublicans when they employ false images and caricatures (exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics) to falsely depict the essence of persons and events. We use political and social cartoons (humorous or satirical drawings) to depict the true reality of persons in cartoon form. For example, the cartoon of Trump as a snake-oil salesman, the cartoon of Trump and his followers as brain-dead zombies, and the cartoon of Trump as a Nazi (fascist) are, in essence, true.


Kevin Roose, Feb. 2, 2021, New York Times, How the Biden Administration Can Help Solve Our Reality Crisis


1 "The 'Big Lie' wasn't just about a stolen election; it was also about how it might be taken back. . . Over and over again, Trump and his allies pushed far-flung, doomed and legally specious efforts to overturn the election they claimed had been stolen. They said GOP state legislatures could change the results, including by designating their own competing electors. They claimed judges hadn't actually ruled on the merits of their claims, when in fact they had. They assured not only that the Supreme Court had the power to tell states how to run their elections, but suggested that it would soon intervene. And toward the end, they advanced a desperate, last-ditch attempt to get Vice President Mike Pence to unilaterally throw the election to Trump." Aaron Blake, "Trump's 'Big Lie' was bigger than just a stolen election, Washington Post, 2/12/2021    In other words, the 'Big Lie' involves deliberately asserting the falsehood that totalitarian dictatorship, as Trump practiced this and tried to expand it, is a better form of government than democracy. This is the same 'Big Lie' (lying fascism is better than democratic rule) which has now become the funadmental premise of the Republican Party.

2 Unless the Democratic Party is intelligent and courageous enough to get rid of the Senate filibuster and pass the voting-rights bills now pending.