Solving Monetary, Political,
and Social Problems

     American society is in such a state of corruption and tyranny that no one solution to a particular problem will resolve all its difficulties. Reinstituting a gold- and silver-backed currency in the U.S. would solve the monetary problem, because our money would then be under the control of the federal government and the federal leaders would be able to spend only what was available through taxation.

     People as different in their points of view as Jack Kemp, Milton Friedman, and Henry Gonzalez have all recommended that the Federal Reserve be brought back under the control of the federal government. Kemp went ahead to advocate the return to a gold-backed currency. Gonzalez had the courage to see through all the machinations of the Federal Reserve System and recommended that it be dissolved.

      But even when we had a gold- and silver-backed currency--in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the political tyranny of the "money power" (as Lincoln called them) continually created inflation, deflation, and wreaked other monetary havoc. So a sound-money-backed currency is no panacea for all society's ills.

     In the face of the fine mess we've allowed our plutocratic rulers to put us into, it's easy to throw up our hands and accept our fate as oppressed people. But we must not resign ourselves to the situation; we must begin the process of taking back our country.

     Reinstituting a genuine representative democracy would solve the political situation. Reinstituting a sound-money-based currency and placing our monetary system back under the control of the federal government--as the Constitution specifies--would solve our monetary problems. But before we can have any hope of reinstituting these structures set up by our Constitution, there is one vital prerequisite: an informed electorate. So, we must reinstitute a genuine public educational system through which to prepare American citizens to inform themselves and make sound judgements when electing our leaders.

     The task of taking back our country is daunting, granted, but each of us must do whatever we can in that effort. Part of what we are attempting to do with our New Enlightenment Website is to help American and world citizens inform themselves about what is really going on in the world and joining in and creating initiatives to bring about improvements in our lives.